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Mrs. Won Pak Choi references and my Testimony

Joe Kinney
January 28, 2006

From UC History

On March 21, 1955 five Professors were fired from Ehwa University by Helen Kim, the President. These professor's included Young Oon Kim, Won Pak Choi, and Yoon Young Yang (9 students were also expelled). Because the press criticized Helen Kim for infringing on religious freedom, she became very angry and began to spread false rumors about Father. Eventually from pressure by her and the wife of the Vice-President of Korea, who were friends, the press sided with her.

On February 1, Hak Ja Han appeared before Sun Myung Moon at Chung Pa Dong when she was 17. After 9 hours of internal questioning a tutor, Mrs. Won Pok Choi was assigned to care for her.

During the month of February, 1960 Won Pak Choi tutored True Mother to prepare her for the Blessing with Father.

References From Father's Speeches

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, December 14, 1971, Toronto, Canada, Master Speaks Translated by Mrs. Won Bok Choi

Mrs. Choi's Prayer:

Dear Father,

We are in the relationship of Father and children, the relationship of Creator and created. We are friends, but not only friends; we are brothers and sisters under you, the Father. Give us strength today and show us the way we have to live. Dear Father, we are beyond the boundaries of nations and countries. You did not make the boundaries. Originally, humankind were just children under you. Oh Father, when Satan took the sovereignty of all mankind, how sorrowful and grievous you were. We are now able to know, Father.

Thank you Father, that we are gathered here, around the Master whom you gave the great mission of leading the world into one ideology to make all mankind the same, children under you. Oh Father, give us today your loving kindness, strength, and fire rising and burning through us, so that we can be melted into one, and share with each other the joy of God and even the sorrow of God, in order to know your heart. Dear Father, guide us, so that we can understand these words, understand your heart through his words. May we become one with you God, the Father. Thank you for this rich atmosphere, thank you Father. We feel your presence here, Father, dear Father, please, please make us real brothers and sisters under the True Parents. Oh Father, be with us all through this meeting. We pray this in the name of those whom you sent to us. Amen.


The Significance Of God's Day, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Master Speaks January 1, 1972, Washington, D. C

In the 1965 world tour, Master was accompanied by Mrs. Choi, Miss Kim and Mr. Sang Ik Choi. The reason he took these people was that Master stood in Adam's position and Mrs. Choi stood in Eve's position. Mr. Choi was a representative of Japan, and Miss Kim was a representative of the United States, the archangel country. By bringing these people together he could form a four-position base. The representation of Eve's country, Japan, was done by a man, and the United States, the archangel, a male position, was represented by Miss Kim, a woman. Master and Mrs. Choi represented the internal Adam and Eve. Miss Kim and Mr. Choi represented the external Adam and Eve. But they didn't know this significance at that time. At that time the two Adam and Eve's had to become completely united. Master knew the significance, so he was very serious when he spoke. You have to understand how significant the first world tour was. When you go to spirit world, you may have the chance to feel the Master's heart, to feel what he felt during the first world tour.

True Fathers, Ceremony for the Total Dissolution of Resentment May 1, 1975--Chung Pyung Lake, Korea:

We must first dissolve the resentment of God. Next is the dissolution of resentment of True Parents. We must also solve the resentment of Mrs. Won Pok Choi, who is celebrating her 60th birthday. Mrs. Choi stands in the position of a mother and true woman in the fallen world. In this ceremony she will establish the condition to indemnify all the failures of women in-history. So the spiritual world and the fallen world up until today must all be indemnified centering upon Mrs. Choi.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, The Meaning Of The Day Of Victory Of Love, January 2, 1997, Sã o Paulo, Brazil

The role of Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Sung Jin's mother divorced me. Therefore, instead of Sung Jin's mother, Won Pok Choi came out from the Choi clan and abandoned her husband and children to follow me. In spite of all the opposition of her tribe, she had to prepare for the way of True Mother and had to serve True Mother as her own mother and her daughter. Without serving True Mother like a daughter, daughter-in-law, mother, and grandmother, restoration is impossible. Do you understand what I am saying? Thus, True Father, True Mother, and the eldest son stand as one line, and then all people have to follow the eldest son.

Joon Ho Seuk! Did your elder brother commit suicide? (We don't know if he was murdered or committed suicide.) In providential history, such tragic events also happen. In the spiritual world, how much suffering does he have? He was a lovely son in his family, who graduated from Seoul National University. How much did Mrs. Choi's children miss their mother? In this sense, I am an unforgivable sinner. However, because I have to restore the way of heaven, it was necessary. Due to the fall, humankind lost the portion of responsibility. Therefore, only I can restore the disordered world.

Then, how hard is it to fulfill Mother's responsibility? True Mother could take care of the church internally, but when I went out, I accompanied Mrs. Choi, who was in the position to prepare the way of True Mother. I taught True Mother about the official way to go in the future through Mrs. Choi. Moreover, grandmother Hong (Dae Mo Nim) received a revelation from the spiritual world and coached True Mother how to adjust to my way. In the midst of trouble, grandmother Hong played an important role for liberating True Mother and bear again True Mother's mind and body. No one in the Unification Church knew about that. Even the former president of the church, Mr. Eu, did not know that.

After the Holy Wedding Ceremony, I directed grandmother Hong to use the back door of the church. There were over twelve groups, which were competing with each other to be True Mother. It was my responsibility to put the competition in order. You do not know how difficult it was to raise True Mother. Do you understand? True Mother was not chosen without the Principle. You should not follow me with a sorrowful mind.

Because of this process, I could not raise True Mother until 1992. Because women are talkative, a woman has a great possibility to disclose providential secrets. Therefore, after accomplishing all things for forty years, from 1952 until 1992, with the liberation of women, True Mother could stand beside me with equal qualification. From that time, I began a three to four-year course of handing over my authority to True Mother. I am going such a way now until this year.

By this year, everything has to be done. Do you understand? Therefore, I am in such a hurry. If we go through this year without accomplishing this, problems will occur. Thus, the foundation for the settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace has to be prepared, and it has to be connected to the proclamation ceremony of the completion of indemnity. Otherwise, I cannot bless the whole world beyond the nation, the 3.6 million couples. Do you understand?

My Testimony
Joe Kinney

The American members first met Mrs. Choi when she accompanied True Parents on the 1965 tour blessing holy grounds worldwide. She is seen together with True Parents in many pictures from 1960 to 1977.

In the sixties and early seventies Mrs. Choi was the closest person to True Parents that was approachable to Western members. She spoke fluent English and had a manner that put everyone at ease immediately. She seemed to lack the zone of privacy around her that keeps members distant from so many leaders.

Members at the time felt it was natural to approach Mrs. Choi directly to ask for internal guidance or for an answer to a question in their life of faith, or to ask her to get an answer from True Parents.

The Ironic thing was that she was the closest of all to True Parents and True Family. She wore the same type of crowns and ceremonial robes that True Parents wore. Yet she was approachable. What an extraordinary quality of a mothers heart!

One of my interests was to count the number of stars affixed to the White Paper Crowns that True Parents used to wear and to try to guess how they were advancing in fulfilling their missions. Mrs. Choi usually had the same number of stars as Mother and Father always had more. I believe when mother fulfilled her mission both Mother and Father had seven stars. Anyway

For me I was always amazed by how Young Mrs. Choi looked. Even when she was nearly 60 years old her skin was perfectly smooth.

Her course was incredibly demanding. She was an older wiser more educated and more sophisticated women who had to raise a Mother a humble young high school girl to a position higher than her self. She truly had to have the heart of a Parent to True Mother and yet walk in the shoes of a servant. Her path was so narrow and arduous and unforgiving.

She had to rise before Father, retire after Father; always look like she stepped out of a beauty salon, walk with the grace of a queen and never show the least bit of fatigue, complaint, boredom. She had to figure out how to acquire the daily necessities of life and take care of all her public and personal responsibilities and yet be on call 24/7 for 24 years.

At East Garden where I served in the mid-70s, all the Staff was focused on serving True Family, and because Mrs. Choi was on constant standby, she had little freedom to take care of her personal needs. At East Garden I had a more flexible schedule that most staff so by default I became Mrs. Won Pak Chois assistant.

Mrs. Choi was so grateful that I could get AA batteries buy writing paper mail letters or any of the daily necessities she required. I would go to her room after dinner several nights per week and help her with organizing her filing and correspondence and shopping etc. She received a large amount of personal correspondence from all over the world and read all of Fathers mail and acted as his secretary, or filter for correspondence. The piles of letters that I used to help her organize were in three general categories. 1. From outside VIPs for her to translate and reply as Father directed. 2. From members to Father. 3. From members all over the world asking Mrs. Choi for internal guidance etc.

She spent countless sleepless nights conveying Fathers message and love to members all over the world. An especially large number of letters were exchanged with the foreign missionaries and international leaders.

Sometimes I would leave her room quite late and papers were still scattered all over the place. I felt ashamed; I would be practically dozing off and Mrs. Choi would dismiss me out of kindness. I was in my 20s and she was in her 60s. Next morning everything was organized. I finally asked how much she was sleeping and she explained that she often slept only every other night and then only for about four hours.

I remember when Mrs. Choi asked me to burn a huge amount of old correspondence to keep it confidential. I never took a peak and burned every single scrap. I didnt want to violate her trust.

One afternoon Mrs. Choi called me to her room and said that she had an important errand for me. She gave me a brief glimpse of a hand written Korean document before she put it in an envelope and sealed it with old-fashioned sealing wax and her seal.

I had to deliver it immediately to Col Pak in Belvedere Main house. It was Fathers hand written draft of his Washington Monument Speech.

After some time I began to massage Mrs. Choi during my visits. She explained the damage to her physical body from the strenuous schedule of attending True Parents for so many years. She had been asking the sisters to give her massages, but they were not strong enough. I could push on her back and shoulders with all my might and it was never too hard for Mrs. Choi. Her body had residue of so much physical stress that she endured for so many years. She had an unusual band of ligaments or similar tissue under the skin in the position of a belt around her waist as a legacy of her physical suffering. Through all this touching there was always the feeling of a mother and son relationship of absolute purity. After reflection I realize that this small measure of kindness and relief from pain meant a great deal to her.

Mrs. Choi and I became friends and I would spend hours listening to her stories of early church life with Father. Those days were very difficult for her and like anyone she needed someone to share her thoughts and I acted as a sounding board. These were first person testimonies of her incredible hardship and sacrifice. I was in awe of her and knew for a fact that if I, or anyone I knew, were faced with similar challenges we would fail miserably. The most striking thing of all was that in describing her incredible life of faith and service, she spoke of Father with such reverence, respect, and admiration. She was as much in awe of Father as I was in awe of her. I kept asking myself how great can Father be if such a great lady can admire Him so much. It was and is beyond my comprehension.

She told me what it was like for her to sleep with in one meter of Father and Mother with just a wood and paper door between them. She shyly described to me that she could here every sound, snoring, flatulence, Father and Mothers pillow talk, and the sound of their lovemaking. She had to retire after True Father and awaken before True Father in order to show proper attendance. I cant imagine this PhD Dean of a women's college could live in such close contact with True Parents and yet offer them such deference and respect.

We took a couple of Evelyn Woods Speed Reading courses together. Mrs. Choi wanted to be able to read faster to serve Father better. Finally one morning before dawn I received a call from Mrs. Choi Joe would you like to take a drive and see the sunrise. We drove along the Palisades Parkway to view the sun rising over Manhattan. We did this a couple more times before Mrs. Choi returned to Korea to be the principle of the Little Angles School. Father said that she was one of the few people that actually fulfilled their mission. She always was such a real genuine person, and that was my experience with Father and Mother too.

And amazingly she had so much love and connection to her physical sons whom she had to abandon in the early years. She really loved them and was constantly trying to send small gifts to them or to visit them on one of the extremely rare days that she could get away from East Garden for a few hours. I think many members neglect their families, but often they don't sincerely suffer because of the separation. Mrs. Choi was a great mom who always longed for her sons.

She never complained and she always had a grateful heart. She was so great that I would have believed that she was the messiah, yet she constantly expressed her absolute awe of True Father. Often I though that if someone as great as Mrs. Won Pak Choi could be in awe of True Parents, then I must believe in them.

This is not official, but what I understand about Mrs. Chois course is that she had to raise or educate True Mother for her 1st two seven year courses and for the 1st 3 years of the third. On True Parents Birthday February 23, 1977 Father proclaimed, Day One of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and Mrs. Chois course was completed. She returned to Korea soon after.

Here is the last sentence of Today In the Light of Dispensational History, Sun Myung Moon, February 23, 1977, World Mission Center. This is the new beginning of the new history of Mother and I are giving you the privilege, the author - God. Therefore, this is the first year of the Kingdom of God, year one of the Kingdom of God. This was Mothers 34th birthday and Father said she went beyond the level of Jesus life at this time.

Apparently Father had notified Mrs. Choi several months beforehand of her return to Korea. The Ironic thing was that Mrs. Choi knew that Father would expect her to get into the car with one small suite case and take off for Korea. She had to give the appearance of having as few positions as Gandhi, while appearing as regal as the queen mother, being as faithful as Job, and having the stamina of a marathon runner, all with an attitude of absolute servitude; and in her spare time she conveyed personal messages to and from Father to the world membership.

Father had given her hundreds of gifts. She had thousands of historical letters and things Father had signed or used, but it wouldnt seem proper for a moving van or something to come to take it all away. Night after night I would help her pack up boxes and suite cases and after Father had retired we would throw these in the back of a car and meet Dr. Seuk or one of her other sons at some rendezvous not so far from East Garden to have them ship them to Korea to her home.

The efforts like this that Mrs. Choi had to expend to always appear perfect was incredible and very taxing to her. I guess she really appreciated having a man Friday to help her out.

She literally treated me like her son. She was never arrogant or pretentious. When I arrived in Korea in 1978, somehow she new about it and had me brought to her house and made sure that I was in good hands. When I met her at Belvedere several years later she gave me a big bear hug and every time she came to America on a private visit to her four sons who live in the New York area she would telephone me and invite me to come to their houses to visit her. Because I changed missions some times she had to go through a lot of trouble to get my number, but she mad the effort out of love for a young kid like me. She even came to my home for diner one time.

The last time I saw her was here at the New Yorker about 2 years ago (In 2003 or 4). She seemed to have a severe case of dementia probably caused by Alzheimers disease and she could barely even recognize me. I was sad, but yet proud that her life had been so completely in vested in doing God's Will that even the ashes of her existence were glorious. I believe these are the ashes of a Phoenix that will rise again gloriously.

Mrs. Choi went to the Spirit World on January 15th, 2006 at 2:35 P.M. at the age of 91 years old. True Father gave her calligraphy Mother of Faith, Love and Loyalty, and proclaimed that her Seung Hwa Ceremony was held on the worldwide level on January 19th, at 8:00 A.M. at the Little Angels Performance Hall. The Won Jon Shik was held on the 19th, at 11:00 A.M. at the Paju Original Palace.

Mrs. Choi truly walked in the path of suffering in the shoes of a servant with the heart of a Parent It is a cherished treasure to have such an historical lady reveal so much of her humanity to me.

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