The Words of the Fefferman Family

Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies

Susan Fefferman
April 30, 1999

I did not leave my brain at the door nor did I pick apart the different pieces of the program. I am trying to become the person who can understand more. It's true I used to think the spirit world was my very best friend except for Father, but I pioneered in Ohio by myself in '72 and was a lonely missionary in a foreign land. And frankly, the spirit world seemed a lot saner than Iran in the last two years I was there!

My experience in the church has taught me that I can really trust Father. This does not mean that he always has the correct info upon which to base decisions. I, unlike other leaders, tried to give him what I saw were the facts, not puffed up numbers. I trust Father's motivation and level of sacrifice and unchanging love of God. I have also seen that when something was wrong in my eyes Father still had to give that person a chance to make the right decision. Like me letting my beautiful daughter stay over at a non-member friend's house, she eventually got into a lot of trouble because she did not make the right decision. So we had to step in. Unfortunately we were late. Parents have to trust their children growing up.

There was once a state leader who was gay and he was seducing the young members it was reported. Father said that he had to give that brother a chance to change and make the right decision. Eventually that brother was changed. I never heard about his situation although now he seems O.K. Concerning the African Heung Jin Nim, Father said he had to wait to see how God might be working. Only after the guy started changing people's missions did Father step in, (changing people's missions was Father's job alone). This information came from the True Family.

Some things are not right but not wrong because they are evolving. Our portion of responsibility requires us to follow our conscience. But I don't think conscience is the exact word. It should be more like, our "deepest, unblemished, humble, I will do anything for God" heart. So we need to go in with our Heart and let our mind support what is true. Concerning money or anything else in the physical realm, it all came from God anyhow and it will come from him again if he wishes. The definition of tithing that Dae Mo Nim gave is that in order to use money and things we need to offer 10% first, and through that we are allowed to claim and use the other 90% properly. (We do pay for our misuses.)

The church is in flux, but Father is going to the spirit world. We won't be able to see him or hear him except maybe in our"....."heart. And then who is to say it isn't just our "conscience" anyway.

My advice is to follow your heart, peacefully. Only worry about your own portion of responsibility, and make your place in the sun bloom so as to give joy to God and TP and to stand as an example to others of True Love. Church buildings will fall away, but true love will be TP lasting inheritance to all humankind. Be a light to all those who see you not a lamp shade. The church will be, as long as it is useful. But my beloved brothers and sisters will remain. Evolution is scary in it's unpredicableness but I know the guy in the driver's seat, don't worry. 

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