The Words of the Fefferman Family

Tiger Choi

Dan Fefferman
September 18, 1999

Young Suk Choi, also known as "Tiger Choi" passed away about two years ago, of complications from Diabetes. He was a 36 couple who became well known for his ability as a VOC lecturer. He organized a large scale VOC teaching program with the Korean government and was awarded several official prizes for his efforts.

In the US, Rev Choi succeeded Tiger Park in the VOC mission a very hard act to follow. We purchased a two cars for his use, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast, both were Cadillacs. Other members used the cars when he was not in the area.

Rev. Choi is not the same person who was famous for eating huge breakfasts. That guy also might have been Choi, I don't know. But this is not the same guy.

Here's an ironic bit. Rev. Choi was not Father's first choice to replace Tiger Park in CARP. Father had actually chosen Rev Byung Hyo Kim. I was president of CARP at the time. Father had a meeting of CARP leaders and asked for suggestions. I spoke up. I said. "Father, why don't you lead CARP directly. You're the only one who could replace Tiger Park in our hearts." Father declined. I then suggested Tiger Choi. I had worked with him in VOC and thought he would be a good choice because CARP was doing a lot of VOC work. Father said, "Well, I had been thinking about Byung Hyo Kim." Rev. Kim was right there. Anyway, Father finally decided to go with Tiger Choi.

I think that was the first and last time he took my advice.

I have mixed feelings about Tiger Choi. I really don't think the Cadillacs were a big problem. We had bought even more expensive cars for Tiger Park. I remember him totaling his BMW one time. But no one minded when Tiger Park used money. Even if he had been in Atlantic City gambling all night, he'd always come back to the center and sleep on the floor with the brothers. Then he'd jump in his BMW and drive by himself through the night to the next center. He was a man of the people. Tiger Choi was a VIP in Korea, and his style didn't quite fit with the CARP folks.

After leaving CARP, Tiger Choi was assigned as National IOWC leader and I worked under him again. I'll always remember his attempts to stick up for me when I was suffering under Rev Ahn, who was Regional Director of Texas/OK at the time.

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