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Reverends Fefferman

Father's Secret

Susan Fefferman
March 29, 1999

Father spoke to the first graduates of the Seminary at the beginning of their 40 training after they had returned from England. I had just returned from Iran and he assigned me as workshop mother under David Hose, the director. We all went out to Belvedere I think and he talked to us for quite awhile. He began to talk about drinking vodka with the Russians and playing chess. (I have little experience in either.) He also talked about spending time in Las Vegas and told us that we shouldn't worry about him as he had some important work to do. He did have our rapt attention. He went on to say that he had to subjugate every single thing, even wearing his hair long and having a beard. By subjugating or controlling all these experiences then none will remain in Satan's dominion. So instead of having a gambling habit he would gamble and figure out the right attitude and learn the games as games. He would not allow himself to be intimidated or dominated by anything. I wondered if I could ever drink a lot of vodka and play chess with the Russians but I knew it would probably impress them and win their hearts and their respect. (Like I did in Iran when I ate camel meat or head and sheep feet stew! Or my husband eating anything the Japanese gave him!)

He then went on to share one of his "secrets" with us. Basically he said that no matter where you were or who you were with you should serve the leader as the best follower. Become indispensable, trustable, and valuable to the leader. He said if I become the best friend or assistant to the Mafia boss he then will listen to me later. He said I must neutralize all evil. So not matter what you hear me doing don't worry I do it for the restoration of the world.

Part of me was amazed at his story. Part of me was disappointed because he told us not to worry about him. I felt that he took away a chance for me to receive a blessing by trusting him on my own. I felt that way several times at different speeches after I returned from the Middle East. But on reflection I realized that my relationship with Father (and Mother) was based on my experience in Iran and Turkey where I could feel so connected to them and in many circumstances. I could "receive" an understanding that could guide me on my own without anyone having to explain it to me. In effect I listened and learned from my own conscience/original mind.

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