The Words of the Fefferman Family

Revelations and Mediums

Dan Fefferman
May 18, 2001

I usually take all revelations from the spirit world with a grain of holy salt. I remember the revelations that used to come through from Tiger Park for example. On earth, he was always telling us not to worry about the spirit world, not to fast, but to "work hard, eat a lot." But the medium who channeled for him would give revelations such as that we should do such and such a fasting condition, such and such a prayer condition, etc. To me, there are two possible explanations, either Tiger Park changed so much that he is no longer the Tiger I remember, or the medium is not a very clear channel and is unconsciously injecting her own orientation into the mix.

We had the some problem, as you recall, with the Zimbabwean Heung Jin. One day we were supposed to believe everything he said, not complain if he used a baseball bat and handcuffs to punish us, and he was an "incarnation" not just a medium. The next, it wasn't completely Heung Jin after all, or if it was, he wasn't completely correct because he was so young when he died.

Dr. Lee is another case in point. On earth, he was a very systematic thinker, who sought to teach people through logical explanation. He was not a PR man, rarely went out visiting people, but was a great lecturer. Once he got to the spirit world, his methodology changed completely. Instead of using logic and intellect -- he was famous on earth for converting even the most hardened communists through this method -- he uses a heartistic method to convert someone such as Karl Marx. Showing Marx that his own house is much better the Marx's rather than about the labor theory of value or the critique and counterproposal to dialectical materialism.

Some say this is the new Dr. Lee, now a great heartistic conversationalist rather than a champion of intellectual discourse. To me, I think it is likely that Dr. Lee's medium -- even though she is totally sincere and probably in touch with Dr. Lee spiritually -- is also projecting some of her own predispositions onto the man she channels for.

Or take the way Dr. Lee's medium hardly ever mentions Dae Mo Nim, and Dae Mo Nim's medium rarely mentions Dr. Lee. When Dr. Lee's medium tells of workshops, the big shots like Augustine, Confucius, Buddha and Jesus are all listening to Dr. Lee and Rev Eu... But when Dae Mo Nim's medium speaks of the spirit world, we hear only of Heung Jin's workshop, and little or nothing about the great work done by Dr. Lee. Not to mention the fact that non-UC mediums seem to be completely unaware of all the blessings of our ancestors, the role of Heung Jin, Dae Mo Nim etc. Why aren't any of our now-blessed ancestors testifying to these mediums? Why isn't anything coming through the John Edward TV show? Why are the testimonies only coming through OUR mediums these days?

Father once told the seminarians we should believe at least 80 percent of the Dr. Lee's revelations. I guess I'm at about 65 percent myself... But I figure I'm at least 5 percent closer to the truth as those that believe them 100 percent.

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