The Words of the Fefferman Family

Meditation and Message

Dan Fefferman
October 2, 1999

I have heard Father speak about meditation and other techniques of quieting the mind. He spoke in mystical terms about prayer and meditation frequently at Belvedere in the early and mid 70s. I experienced Father early on (1969) as a spiritual master. In my case, I experienced him as the incarnate being of a the Universal Link Master whom I contacted in the spirit world on God's Day 1968 before I knew about the UC.

Here's a story you might be interested in. In 1973 at Upshur when Father was instituting the new HQ and new president (Salonen), he talked for several hours to us about opening one's mind to God through meditation and prayer. For at least 40 minutes of this, as I was sitting in the front row, Father had his hands resting on my head and was gently massaging my Third Eye area. I can't remember much of what he said, just the experience of tender master-disciple fatherly care and a subtle opening of a flower of many petals.

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