The Words of the Fefferman Family

The Sources of Some Korean Unification Church Traditions

Dan Fefferman
May 10, 2000

I'd point out, on the other hand, that some traditions initiated outside of Korea have worked their way back into the mainstream (Korean) UC culture. For example, in 1970 President Young Whi Kim told me that the Korean UC altars traditionally did NOT have a picture of True Parents on them. This tradition was initiated in Japan, where it corresponded to the pictures of the Emperor in that culture. This tradition eventually came to be accepted into the mainstream. Similarly, the "formula course" of working several years for "economic restoration" followed by several years of frontline witnessing work also began outside of Korea. It was first announced by Father in mid-70s in the US, in association with the development of the MFT providence. This in turn evolved out of the MFT tradition in Japan. Did they ever create a large scale MFT providence in Korea, by the way?

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