The Words of the Fefferman Family

Theocracy in Iran

Susan Fefferman
May 19, 1999

I lived in Iran from 1975-1979, under the Shah. (Do you realize how old we're getting?!!!) 20 years ago the Shah was trying to transplant American-style democracy in Iran. He was doing it gradually knowing it would upset the religious leaders. He was even using tan Americn-style social security system to help those who couldn't support themselves in their old age. It was in fact the theocracy of Khomeini that caused me to leave Iran and never allowed me to return. It was also the reason by spiritual children went to prison, were tortured and suffered so much. Last night my first spiritual son and I were talking and he said he is trying to figure out how I can come back for a visit! Bless his heart. There was a warrant out for my arrest, or was it a death penalty? Anyway they had one out on True Father too, so I am in the best company.

What a lot of people don't know is that the Shah created a "white revolultion" (1963) where the big land owners had to give up their land so that the peasants could finally own land. Some of the biggest landowners were those religious leaders who ran the mosques, like Komeini's family. I knew one of his relatives who was so angry that their family lost their huge farm that she began to wear the veil in support of Khomeini over her low cut red dress!

Resentment from these landowners was a biggie. Another thing that people don't know is that one of Khomeini's son's was killed in an assassination attempt against the Shah. On top of that Khomeini was exiled to Iraq by the Shah. [Actually the Shah's father wanted to have him executed, but the young prince/Shah said no, please exile him instead. He saved the ingrates life!?] This theocracy was in fact built on resentment, "I have 17 (or 14 I can't remember) years of resentment to satisfy." R. Khomeini 1979 I heard him say it.

Father said in early 1979 to a group of 1800 couples that what the Iranian people had done to the Shah was inexcusable, unforgivable....thus the indemnity flows in that poor country, but hope springs eternal. 

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