The Words of the Fefferman Family

God's Portion of Responsibility

Susan Fefferman
May 4, 1999

I wanted to share a short quip with you as an old missionary. I returned to the US in Jan. 1979 at TP's request, from Germany where I was hanging out until I could try to get back into Iran, even though it didn't look good. I met with Rev. Kwak for the very first time in person. I'm sure I chattered away as I always do when after 10 minutes or so he said, "I know what your problem is....." I died a slow death. I said to myself, "He figured out my fallen nature so quickly and he can see through me to my terrible nature. Oh please God let me live and digest this terrible news." He then looked at me and smiled and said "You worry about God's portion of responsibility too much. You need only to worry about your own portion of responsibility, which is much smaller and exactly what you can deal with." I was floored. This guy really understands me!! I've loved him ever since. He has many wise things to tell us if we but listen.

Another time he said, while we sat in the sun at Belvedere one afternoon. "You know if husband and wife have 20% unity they are very lucky!"

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