The Words of the Fefferman Family

Farrakhan on Slavery

Dan Fefferman
September 10, 2000

Father has stated he knows that at least 1/3 of UC members have problems with Farrakhan and that he understands this. Father has asked us to support the Million Family March. He has not forbidden us to deal with questions that arise from our association with the march or Minister Farrakhan. It is natural for us to do so, just as it was natural for Jesus' disciples to question why John the Baptist forbade drinking wine and was strict about the Law, while Jesus drank wine and was not strict about the Law.

Rev Kwak has stated that our support of the March is limited to central themes such as the God centered family, interracial harmony, interreligious unity, and moral revival. Father has stated that there is a providence behind our support of the march having to do with uniting Islam, Judaism and Christianity. However, there are many policies in the march's agenda ( which most of us do not support, I am sure. And there are certainly policies of the NOI and Minister Farrakhan that we do not support, for example their call each week in the Final Call newspaper for a ban on interracial marriage and their support of a separate nation for American blacks.

When we coalesce with other groups for a common purpose it is important for us to keep our integrity. Therefore, it is appropriate to question and even disagree with the policies of those with whom we coalesce, though not it a way that undermines the central purpose. Just as pro-life democrats disagree with the pro-choice planks in the Democratic Platform without showing disloyalty to the Gore-Lieberman ticket, so we can disagree with Minister Farrakhan on the question of slavery in the Sudan, or disagree with specific points in the MFM published agenda without undermining the MFM.

To answer the question, The Final Call published an article refuting the Sudanese slavery charge.

I have read a speech by Minister Farrakhan in which he says that the US has no business telling nations such as the Sudan, Libya and Iraq run their countries.

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