The Words of the Fefferman Family

Clophas and Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Dan Fefferman
April 22, 1999

Someone claimed: "After Dr. Pak was beaten almost to death, Jin Sung Nim and In Jin Nim tried to convince Father that Clophas was a fraud, but Father would not admit that he had made a mistake and the UC continued supporting Clophas for another year or so."

Dan Fefferman responded, saying:

The way Jin Sung described it to me, he and In Jin were sent by Father to see Dr. Pak and report on the extent of his injuries. They asked Father to send someone else in addition or instead of them, because they felt their report would be open to criticism due to Jin Sung's being Dr. Pak's son. Their report led to Father instructing Cleophas to town done the beatings and to a considerable lessening of the violence in DC and the West Coast compared to earlier venues. When Father finally saw Dr Pak for himself (in Korea a few weeks later), he began to realize something was seriously wrong. He countermanded Clophas' declaration that Dr. Pak was not injured physically but under the influence of evil spirits, and he strongly supported the idea that Dr. Pak go immediately for surgery--again countermanding Clophas.

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