The Words of the Fefferman Family

Black Heung Jin Nim

Dan Fefferman
August 15, 2000

The question is, how accurately was Father aware of what Black Heung Jin Nim was doing. He knew that Dr. Pak was sent to the hospital, but not how badly he was beaten. And according to Mr. Kamiyama, Father immediately told ZHJN to tone down the violence. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and ask you to trust me on this. I was with Dr. Pak when he made his initial phone report to Father just after getting out of the hospital. I'm feeling conflicted about confidentiality on this. But I think enough time has passed for me to say at least this much publicly: Father did NOT know the true story of how badly Dr. Pak had been beaten, and he asked Dr. Pak not to say anything publicly about it until he had a chance to meet Father directly in Korea.

Moreover, I have heard from an eyewitness, namely Jim Gavin, that when Dr. Pak finally did report to Father and Mother in Korea, they were visibly shocked both by his appearance (after several weeks) and by his report. Jim told me that Mother was visibly weeping and Father was taken aback. This was right around the time that -- despite Father's instructing Cleophas to tone down the violence -- several members had been sent to the hospital in Japan with serious injuries. It was not long after this that Cleophas was sent back to Africa.

To me, the evidence clearly supports the view that Mr. Sudo currently teaches at Chung Pyung, namely that the serious violence was NOT done by Heung Jin. And of course, Father was NOT aware of how serious the violence was or he never would have allowed it.

I have no serious problem with a few slaps in the face as chastisement. And I think this is what Father believed was happening. The atmosphere in those days was such that it was very risky to criticize "Heung Jin." Nobody wanted to bring Father the bad news about the violence or the wrong teachings.

I give some credit, by the way, to Rev. Ahn (with whom I have had my struggles) for making a list of teachings by Cleophas / Heung Jin which he believed were not in agreement with DP, and submitting them to Father.

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