The Words of the Fefferman Family

Yet another victim of kidnapping and confinement in Japan

Dan Fefferman
December 23, 2010
ICRF President

Dear Friends of ICRF,

As we approach the joy of the Christmas holidays with our families, I have the unfortunate task of informing you of yet another victim of kidnapping and confinement in Japan. The victim is a Ms. T.T., a 36-year-old woman and six-year member of the Unification Church. She had just returned to Tokyo, from an extended visit with her Korean fiancé in Kwanju (Gwangju), South Korea, to inform her parents of her intent to marry him. Instead of a happy reunion and the sharing of this wonderful news, the occasion seems to have turned into her worst nightmare.

This situation seems all-too similar to that of Ms Takako Fujita, the Japanese woman whose family forced her into such despair during her four-month confinement that she finally took her own life.

Ms T.T. had called her fiancé on Dec. 12 by cell phone and also attended church on that day. For the next two days she was supposed to be visiting her family and relatives. On the 15th, she did not show up for a scheduled meeting with another church sister, and her fiance could not contact her by cell phone. Our Japanese human rights task force is attempting to discover her whereabouts. No details are available yet on any police involvement. We have had almost zero cooperation from them in recent cases, as you know.

Next month, I will be traveling to Japan to work with our Japanese church in crafting a strategy for the coming year to influence the Japanese government to start enforcing its own laws and protect the rights of members like Ms. T.T.

In the meantime, I urge you to keep Ms. T.T. and other missing members in your prayers, especially now at Christmas time. During this year of 2010 we have had a better-than-average rate of abductees returning to the church -- about 50 percent. I believe that our prayers are a factor in this. In past years when our international community was not supporting the victims with prayer, the rate was 30 percent or less. So please know that we are indeed making a difference, even though we have not yet broken through in terms of influencing the Japanese government and police to change their policy as of this date.

Let me close by wishing you all the best for a very happy holiday season. Next year at this time, I hope I can greet you with much more joyous news.



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