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New Victim Alert - Ms. A.Y.

Dan Fefferman
November 29, 2010

Another likely kidnapping victim in Japan...

Dear Friends

This is to alert you to another new victim of abduction and attempted forced conversion in Japan.

Name: Ms. A.Y.

Age: 30

Affiliation: Matsue Unification Church, Shimane Prefecture

Date of disappearance: Nov. 21, 2010

Details are still sketchy but we are informed that Ms. A.Y. feared for her safety to the extent that she had previously filed a letter with her church requesting "rescue in case of disappearance."

However, as your know, Japanese police usually treat such disappearances as mere "family matters" and refuse to intervene. In this case church officials formally requested police assistance on November 24. Even after being shown her letter requesting rescue, the police refused to come to her aid, saying only that "we have confirmed her safety."

Obviously such an attitude completely disregards international human rights standards and Japan's own laws, which guarantee the right of adults to choose their own religion.

Ms. A.Y. and her fiance received the Unification Church's blessing on October 10 of this year, and it is probable that her abduction was in reaction against this. Her fiance is now en route to Matsue City in order to demand that the police search for her. We have contacted various official agencies and NGOs to ask for their urgent help in getting the police to act responsibly this time.

For your part, please keep Ms. A.Y. in your prayers during this holiday season. The first few days of a person's abduction and confinement can be truly terrifying, and then demoralizing. Prayer is a powerful agent for hope and spiritual support.

Very truly yours

Dan Fefferman
President, International Coalition for Religious Freedom
7245 Hanover Parkway, Suite A,
Greenbelt MD 20770 

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