The Words of the Fefferman Family

Welcome Committee for True Mother and True Family's Tour

Susan Fefferman, Gail Paine, Reiko Jenkins, Angelika Selle, Lynn Sofinowski, and Barbara Mosley Marks
May 19, 2007

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As you may know True Mother will be speaking next week at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City, VA. This dinner program which starts at 5:45 pm, will be True Mother's only program in our region during the 7th world tour and her third tour.

An inspiration came to encourage us to nationally create a welcome committee of women who can support True Mother and the true daughters-in-law in heart and spirit as they seek to carry the message of peace throughout the world. At Hoon Dok Hae Father expressed his longing for the Messiah to be welcomed warmly in this country, and in particular our True Mother and daughters-in-law will receive a warm welcome on their tour. In each city a group is being formed, 120 for the cities with True Mother and 40 for the other cities.

Wouldn't it be a lovely sight for them to look out at an audience with a good number of women smiling back and giving heartfelt support and welcome in the audience? Wouldn't you just love to have your friends and contacts to be part of this embracing group?

At our first meeting on Thursday, with 30 women of all ethnic backgrounds, we met together in the spirit of love and commitment to be a support team for Mother Moon, most felt that God had brought us together. We seek to expand this group to 120 with sisters who feel moved to be a part of it and can commit to the following:

1. Support the core points of the speech
2. Either be and Ambassador for Peace or be willing to become one
3. Take the opportunity to sign a woman's declaration for peace
4. Try to bring guests to one program, a trinity of friends would be nice
5. Be recognized as a member of this group by a certificate of appreciation

Three of these women will be with True Mother on the stage to sign the declaration.

Yet this isn't just a one time relationship. Our True Parents are emphasizing the emerging age of women, a time when women can and should do more. We share with you Alex Ward's words from our invitational letter:

"We are living at a time of unprecedented opportunity for women. The world is experiencing a paradigm shift toward women's leadership. Women are achieving the highest positions of leadership in academia, in public life, in the business sector and in diplomacy. This special era for women is historical and providential. It is a time of great hope and expectation."

"At the same time women are seeking for a deeper understanding of their nature and value. They are striving for balance and harmony within themselves and their relationships. They are searching for a model of leadership that will allow them to express their uniqueness."

Women haven't always felt confident to lead and benefit by working together. Another vision for our women's welcome committee is to welcome the age of women's leadership so that through encouraging each other and supporting the development of each woman's unique skills, women can 'step up to the plate' beside men and take on the mantel of responsibility for leadership in harmony and unity with our brothers.

If you cannot participate in this committee right now consider the thoughts and prayers at the bottom, to keep in your hearts to support this effort.

Please talk to your women contacts about joining this welcome group that seeks to support good examples of women leadership in concert with men.


The Organizing Committee:

Susan Fefferman, WFWP, Gail Paine, UPF, Reiko Jenkins, WIM of ACLC, Angelika Selle, pastor New Hope Family Church, Lynn Sofinowski, ACLC, Barbara Mosley Marks, Pure Style

* For each sister to connect to in heart and prayer with Heavenly Mother (feminine aspect of God) as well as the Holy Spirit to be present with us as we seek to support this great tour of True Mother and daughters

* For 120 women of influence who are "called" to be on the welcome committee to be found and to identify themselves in each state

* For us to get into the spirit of 'hope, harmony and healing', by being aware of situations in daily life in which we personally can be instrumental to bring hope, harmony and healing, to even seek out opportunities to bring enemies together as a substantial contribution to the theme of this tour

* To think of True Mother and Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah nim, once or more a day and send her positive thoughts and feelings for their good health, strength, spiritual and physical support, protection, and welcome wherever they go

* For good follow-up and continuation of the women's committee after the tour

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