The Words of the Fefferman Family

Dr. Yang's Remarks In DC

Dan Fefferman
July 3, 2006

Dear all

FYI. I sent the following to Dr Yang and Michael Jenkins this morning.

Dear Dr. Yang

First, thank you very much for your attendance and remarks at the transition ceremony for Rev. JP Hong at the Washington DC church yesterday. You heartfelt remarks regarding Rev. Hong, the Korean regional directors, and America's new responsibilities as the elder son nation were very inspiring and well received by the congregation.

However, while I deeply appreciated your report and testimony generally, I have to express some concern about one thing. Namely, when you decided on this occasion to mention Israel's "attack" on the Palestinian prime minister's office, you omitted any reference to the reason for that warning action, nor did you mention that the attack was carried out at 2 a.m. when the offices were vacated.

As you are no doubt aware, the current crisis was brought on by the Palestinian government's ultimatum to Israel that it must release 1500 Palestinian prisoners or "face the consequences" in regard to a young Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas forces. By failing to criticize Hamas' actions and failing to mention the context of the Israeli warning attack on the prime minister's office, you did not fairly represent this unfortunate situation. I do not necessarily support what Israel did in this matter, but it is very important in my opinion that the situation be represented in a balanced manner. You have spoken out against Israel several times in the DC church, but I have never heard one word of criticism from you against Hamas or the Palestinian leadership.

As a providential leader representing America in the Middle East Peace process, I very much want to support your efforts and those of President Jenkins. But as long as you persist in showing an anti-Israel bias, I find it hard to unite with your policy. I am particularly concerned and hopeful that you will fulfill your providential role as America's leader in this time of escalating tensions in the Middle East. I will continue to pray for your success and hope that you will be very careful to fulfill your mission as a true mediator for God in these circumstances.

In My Own Name
Dan Fefferman

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