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Being the Right Person; 2nd Generation Blessing Preparation Workshop

Kaeleigh Fefferman
June 17, 2006

About 25 young adults participated in a Blessing Workshop held at Camp Daddy Allen in Pennsylvania at the end of June. Though our group was small, and most of us didnít know each other from before, it was quite amazing to see how close 25 strangers could become in just 3 and Ĺ days. I truly believe that it was the sincerity of all the participants that allowed us to express our hope of becoming true sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and prepare to receive the matching and blessing.

Lectures given by Rev. Schanker were exciting and completely sincere. Falling asleep during lectures wasnít necessarily an issue because the information we were receiving was new, original, and poured out from the depths of our "Uncle Phillipís" heart. We had long group discussions that were, at first, a little hard to develop, but turned out to be one of the most successful parts of the workshop. By the end of the workshop everyone on my team was sharing honestly, even the ones who at first did not want to talk during group discussions. What we found was that we all had different struggles we were facing, but by sharing in fellowship with each other we were able to find answers to many of the questions we had.

Even a simple game of kickball during recreational time, or skit performances in the evening turned out to be so enjoyable because of the willingness of our group of BCís. I was really impressed with the good-heartedness of all the participants. It made it so much easier for us to really consider what the blessing meant and to think seriously about where we were at in our lives and what we still needed to do to prepare for the matching and blessing.

What I was most moved by during this workshop was just how much the staff cared about the personal situation and experience of each Blessed Child at the workshop. At our leaders meetings every night I was so touched to see that Rev. Schanker and Rev. Inguk Seo genuinely listened to the team leaders reports. Their care and support also educated our group about our value as Blessed Children, and prepared a deep and sincere atmosphere for the entire workshop.

Speaking from a 2nd Generationís perspective, the matching/blessing subject is a topic that is on most our minds after we hit the age of about 17. And there is a good reason for it. We prepare our whole lives in order to be matched and blessed, but in a culture that is primarily focused on physically intimate and short-term relationships, it is often hard for our brothers and sisters to find their way. Thatís why I am so grateful for this Blessing Preparation Workshop. By addressing the issues head on that many brothers and sisters may be embarrassed to talk about, and explaining in depth the ideal, value, and reality of the blessing, so many questions could be answered. Even more so, with a clear understanding of why we get blessed, and how to prepare to do so, we can raise our youth to stand as models in our communities of what true love is. And what it means to have the Blessing of God in our marriages.

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