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Reflection Of June 6 And The Opening Of God's Home

Susan Fefferman
June 9, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are now here in Korea and you can feel the excitement in the air. God's Original Temple and Palace is about to be dedicated. Here is a beautiful reflection from Rev. Susan Fefferman of Washington D.C. who is attending the 40 days blessed wives workshop in Chung Pyung.
Thanks Susan!!!
With True Parents Love,

Reflection by Rev. Susan Fefferman on June 6, 2006

I am here for 40 days blessed wives workshop. Dear Rev. Hong suggested this time to come. I am so glad he did.

As I stand atop the holy ground at the Tree of Blessings the mist begins to clear from the warmth of the rising sun. I am in awe. The palace nestled in the mountain across the way is shining crystal white. The trees and landscape embrace it gently. It is God's home on the earth, His first real home where He can dwell with His victorious children and for all eternity He may rest in joyful peace because True Parents have fulfilled His will.

In the Era after the Coming of Heaven things are unfolding with such amazing brightness and hope. I imagine from this beautiful meeting spot of Heaven and Earth, a wave will go out washing all the earth in purity and healing the hearts of all people with true love, bringing all into the family of God. It is so close to North Korea, nearly at the center of the Korean peninsula. I feel Heavenly Father's invitation to the North: "Put down your weapons and be welcomed into My embrace. Come home to the heart of your nation."

June 6 was the beginning of eight days of celebrations in preparation for the official Opening of the Original Palace on June 13. The holy wine ceremony was held in the afternoon at the training center. And that evening many people walked over an hour to reach the Original Palace as transportation was scarce and a huge traffic jam on the narrow mountain road blocked the many buses and cars from all around the country. Those on foot made it! The evening ceremony for the "Wishing for the Era of Peace and Tranquility of Chun Il Guk and the Citzen's Pledge Ceremony" began as darkness fell on the eager crowd of brothers and sisters from around the world.

Fire was brought from four directions (our own Staffan Berg, Az carried one of the torches) and lit an eternal flame that can be seen through out the countryside at night. Earth and water was brought from around the world and True Parents mixed it together and then gave out portions to be taken back to the regions from where it came. Blended earth like the blending of the races in our blessing of marriage. (great pictures can be found on

Then the entire crowd rose and recited the new Chun Il Guk pledge (translation not available at this writing). It was a moment to remember. We have crossed over an important milestone and greater things are to come. True Parents were very happy, the true children are very happy and the true grandchildren are very happy as well. Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are here with their families supporting True Parents. Each one spoke to the group in the days after this beginning event. They shared their heart with us and offered us an opportunity to know them better.

The entertainment at the event was aimed at pleasing True Parents with all their favorite songs, many sung by famous singers, including "Danny Boy." The fireworks and light show lit up the sky throughout the entire area, the colors could even be seen by the crowd down at the training center on the other side of the hill. It was a magnificent night to remember. And those that walked home didn't mind the exercise because "WE ARE HERE!"

I had the privilege to help clean the palace. I scrubbed the stairs going up to the 'higher realm'. The main floor is open to the public (with a pass). But the upper floors are open only to a special few. Perhaps like the temple of Solomon with the inner sanctuary being the upper floors.

The building itself is amazing. "The Cheon Jeong Gung Museum was designed in the traditional "Ka-ram" style architecture of Korean temples, where the main structure is sheltered by two wings to either side (for the True Children). The Museum's architecture expresses the tabloid edition of world history's past and future, western and eastern cultures, and spirit and physical worlds. Overall it is a neo-classical style with the classical dome design mixing with a modern feel in its expression. The dome is 60 meters high. All the artistic creations and moldings that adorn areas throughout the museum are significant as permanent records giving artistic expression to Unification Thought and church history. The 18 major types of sculptures and paintings heighten the artistic beauty of the museum. The central point of all these is to praise for eternity the life of True Parents and the cosmic accomplishments of their movement for peace. " (taken from their brochure)

There is a water feature over the first floor area. Above a pool where a bridge crosses over, there is a dome above made of glass and water continually flows down the sides making the light shimmer down on the bridge. There is gold leaf on the wall murals, the hall of donors (find your name there!), and many gifts from nations given at the time of the founding of the UPF.

In the grand plaza overlooking the valley below there is an old pine tree that True Father found forty years ago when he decided on this site for the Original Palace. He wanted to save the tree and keep it in the grounds. It's curving arms reach out and shelter everyone who passes under it to enter the Original Palace. On the other side is a matching tree, a little younger, balancing the area over the other entrance.

The white granite outside is very hard and will last 'forever'. The interior has gentle, flawless white marble that has the feel of flowing water. Everything is done with exquisite detail and fine workmanship (and I have an artist's critical eye!) The marble came from a quarry in China where Dae Mo Nim found an undiscovered cache of perfect stone big enough for the palace project. Dae Mo Nim created a machine big enough to get the huge columns out. No one had ever seen or imagined such a piece of equipment before! (The spirit world has great vision.) The owner of the company was so moved by the completed building that he made a donation to the project. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim guided every aspect of the project and worked tirelessly. It was an amazing accomplishment.

Finally God has His own home. Adam and Eve should have prepared a home for God and lived with Him there, but the fall thwarted this plan. Now True Parents, with the support of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, have finally prepared a worthy abode where God can finally live with His victorious children in body and spirit. Finally, the time has come when goodness will take over the earth and the evil history of mankind will be restored and erased. All of us may live in joy with our Heavenly Father. You've just got to see it to believe it! Come to Korea, liberate some evils spirits and your ancestors, bless everyone and see the Kingdom of God unfold. It is a great time to be alive.

Susan Fefferman

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