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Banquet And Coronation Report

Dan Fefferman
December 14, 2004

Here's my report on the evening program.

The dinner was festive and upbeat. The same venue as before, and just as crowded, but with probably a couple of hundred more members in attendance, and a couple of hundred less guests. (some had flights home Monday afternoon... and I imagine some, who were not ready for a Coronation Event, were wisely taken elsewhere by their hosts.)

After dinner there were a couple of inspiring songs: one by R/B gospel singer Melba Moore, and "Oh Holy Night" by ___. Both very good. Then there were a few award presentations to Ambassadors for Peace and other dignitaries.

The Coronation Ceremony was opened by Rev Kwak with a "Report to Heaven" (formal prayer). Michael Jenkins then gave a summary of the history of the Coronation Events and their significance. This was a very straightforward presentation, with lots of providential terminology that (I would think) would normally only be used in "internal" events. Then there were three "nominating" speeches by representatives of the "First, Second and Third Israel." Professor Glaubach represented Judaism and spoke of the "miracle" of the peace pilgrimages bringing together Muslims, Christians and Jews to honor and affirm each other's traditions. He said this was a fulfillment of prophecies of the time of the messiah when all nations would come to Jerusalem in the name of God, and that only "The True Prophet of the Age" could accomplish this. That is why, he said, he as a Jew was proud to nominate and affirm TP as the King and Queen of Peace. Bishop Stallings represented Christianity as the Second Israel. He boldly and eloquently affirmed FAther and Mother as "Messiah, Savior, Second Coming of Christ, the King and Queen of Kings" etc. Representing the Third Israel was a Korean gentleman. Unfortunately, the translation equipment wasn't working at that point and so I can't report on what he said.

Mike Jenkins explained very carefully and directly about the significance of this particular ceremony, which he said is the "world level" coronation of TP. Hopefully his explanation will appear in print soon. He mentioned that we in the congregation represent the 4th Israel, meaning the whole world... and also that on the foundation of the world level coronation, each of us is to become a 4th Adam or Eve, and inherit our own Crown of Peace in the realm of our own family and mission. He also stated very clearly, just before the actually coronation took place: "this kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, not a political kingdom."

The robes this time were of a deep purple. The crowns were gold and jewel encrusted and sparkled with what looked like diamonds. The crowns were presented by former President Shuskeivich of Belarus and a Muslim sheik, representing the external and internal realms of God's sovereignty. The crowns were placed on TP head by two of the True Children. (It looked like Hyun Jin Nim's couple to me, but I'm not sure.) Father and mother then posed for several minutes with their family and several dignitaries as Mike Jenkins proclaimed them to be "King of Kings" on the world level, witnessed by prominent religious leaders of all major faiths, heads of state, and thousands of saints and civic leaders. He concluded the ceremony with the words: "It Is FULFILLED."

A podium was them brought to the stage and Father gave his address. It was a powerful speech, similar to the one he gave at the last Washington banquet, in which he spoke of the three stage revolution of indemnity, conscience and heart. I noticed that although he used the Korean word Tangam, usually translated as indemnity, the official translation of the term was "making atonement."

It was truly a momentous occasion.

All for now


Oh.. I forgot

At one point during Father's coronation speech, he departed from his text and said

"My younger brother his here tonight. Please raise your hand."

At least that's what I think he said. I turned to Robert Morton and asked him if he heard it the same way. He said yes. And then we both shrugged and put back on our earphones.


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