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DC Breakfast Report

Dan Fefferman
December 13, 2004

This report is from memory, not notes or program... and it's just my own impression. I will also attend the coronation ceremony and dinner tonight. I'm really tired already with only 3 hours sleep, so I don't know if I'll get to my impressions on that until tomorrow.


The event started at 7;30 am. Very large breakfast crowd, probably around 3,000 including overflow... capacity of maybe 2300-2500 in the main room. Only the Washington Hilton has a larger room in DC, I think. Walter Fauntroy and Robin Reed Brunelli were co-emcees. Impressive mix of international dignitaries, black ministers, other clergy of various faiths, conservative activists, academics and UC members.

State Sen Mark Anderson read a nice message to the meeting from President and Mrs Bush. There was also a very impressive video message from Pres. Bush Senior, who specifically thanked Rev and Mrs. Moon for their good works and spoke at length about the role of faith, family and God in American life. Former Congressman Floyd Flake and Former Senator Bob Dole both addressed the meeting in person. Dole's message was particularly good IMO. He too specifically thanked Rev and Mrs. Moon for their work (which moved me personally since he started the investigative process that ended in father's imprisonment). He also told some very funny jokes and spoke deeply and on-message about the theme of the meeting.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy sang several musical offerings. They have long been my personal favorite gospel group and this really inspired me. They also really did a great job of warming up the crowd for Father.

Rev Kwak introduced Father, giving a very direct and deep testimony to his relationship with God and role as TP.

Father connected very well to the audience. He stayed very close to his prepared remarks, which dealt mostly with God's heart at the Fall, God's commitment to save man kind, and what our response should be as filial sons and daughters. The crowd responded warmly to him, and the guests and my table were very happy with his speech. (I was relieved to see this, because, it's not always the case.)

Several speakers gave remarks afterward. The two most significant for me were Rabbi Feldman, who spoke on Joseph's course and Imam Bundajki, who gave a tearful testimony of repentance for his former hatred of Jews and his commitment to bring healing and forgiveness in the middle east. He also testified strongly to Rev and Mrs. Moon as "True Parents" and I think many in the audience were moved by his giving credit to Father for teaching the true spirit of forgiveness and loving one's enemy.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy closed by leading the crowd in a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace.

I should add that I really enjoyed seeing many old friends from around the nation in the hallways after the program.

All and all I would characterize it as the best Unification Event I have been to in many years.


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