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Report from Maryland/PG Elders Board - Meeting with Reverend Hong on Finances

Susan Fefferman
August 29, 2003

To: Members of the Maryland Church
From: Maryland/PG Local Elders Board
Date: August 29th, 2003
Re: Report of our meeting of August 28th

Last night, Rev. Hong, Rev. McCarthy and all members of the Maryland Local Elders Board (with the exception of Antonio Betancourt who was overseas) met and discussed our respective hopes and visions for the development of our activities in the region.

Prior to this meeting, some individuals in our congregation had expressed concerns relating to dynamic transformations under way at Columbia Road. Theses concerns were aired in depth, in a frank and heartistic discussion.

On the part of the Local Elders Board Members, all of us were convinced and reassured of the sincerity and freshness of Rev. Hong’s motivation. He is fully supportive of local church development. At the same time, he is committed to finding ways of establishing a successful model for a growing church, taking advantage of a major underused resource –the Columbia Road Church.

Going forward, we would like to clarify a consultative process which we all hope will serve our community effectively. The primary body for considering new spending proposals for the region will be the Advisory Board*. The Advisory Board has representatives from each of the Local Elders Boards and the Finance committee. In addition, it includes Keith Cooperrider, who serves as liaison to the DC Finance Committee.

From this point on, proposals for significant new expenditures will be vetted first within this Advisory Board. The Advisory Board can refer issues to the DC Finance Committee for their feedback and guidance. The Advisory Board can also refer proposals to the Local Elders Boards to be floated among local membership for feedback. Through this process, we hope to build support and consensus which will be fundamental to the success of any new fundraising efforts. Rev. Hong and Rev. McCarthy have proposed this framework and are prepared to implement it in concert with the Greater Washington Community Local Church Development Proposal.

At this time, the Maryland elders board urges all members to continue to tithe, as we ourselves are doing. All funds tithed by Maryland members will be applied towards our benchmark, and all funds over and above our benchmark will be set aside and given back to Maryland for local church development. The key to our successful financial development is to increase our tithing. In addition, we ask that all families prayerfully consider all special financial appeals outside of tithing, such as the recent request for $500 from each family to help with Columbia Road renovations and the many campaigns and special events that will come our way as the Providence unfolds.

Your feedback and comments to this report are welcome. Please contact any member of our Elders Board.

May God Bless You and Your Families.

Maryland/PG Local Elders Board

Susan Fefferman, Chairperson
Laurence Baer
Keiko Burton
Mel Haft
Alexander Hunter
Henri Schauffler

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