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Interpreting Fathers Words

Dan Fefferman
July 30, 2003

Dear all,

I found my copy of the old (Mrs Choi's) translation of Father's "automatic theocracy" passage and the new one by a translator who made a word-for-word interpretation, commissioned by Andrew Wilson.

First will come Mrs. Choi's extemporaneous interpretation. The re-translation follows. According to Andrew Wilson, the re-translation was done in connection with a British court case in 1984, since it was know that the "automatic theocracy" quote would come up in that case. The method of this translation was this: first, the recorded speech by Sun Myung Moon was carefully transcribed into Korean text and then translated into English from the transcription. Parentheses indicate the translator's sense of references (such as pronouns) which the Korean language does not use.

The main points I see emerging from the new translation are these:

1) Rev. Moon did not say he intended "to rule the world" but to defeat communism.

2) He never used words even resembling "automatic theocracy" but rather described "heaven on earth" as naturally emerging from a succession of democratically elected honest politicians.


Translation by Won Pok Choi:

"My dream is to organize a Christian political party including the Protestant denominations, Catholics and all the religious sects. Then, the communist power will be helpless before ours. We are going to do this because the communists are coming to the political scene. Before the pulpit, all the ministers of the established churches must give their sermon on how to smash or absorb communism--but they are not doing that. We are going to do this. Unless we lay the foundation for this we cannot carry it out. In the medieval ages, they had to separate from the cities--statesmanship from the religious field--because people were corrupted at that time. But when it comes to our age we must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world--and that is logical. We have to purge the corrupted politicians and the sons of God must rule the world.

New translation

It is Teacher's dream to make an international level Christian political party, a coalition of Catholics and Protestants throughout the world. That is, I desire to create a Christian political party centering on our Unification Church in each country gathering all Catholic people, Protestant people and (non-religious) people from throughout the world. Then we should quickly dissuade (people) from communism. Because communism is gaining political influence, it is Teacher's view that things will get worse unless we democratic Christians build a similar foundation.

These days, Catholic priests and Protestant ministers ought to preach that we should act to stop international communism. They are not doing that now. I think this is needed because I believe it is impossible to effectively stop communism unless (democratic Christians) build this kind of foundation.

That religion and politics should be separated is a theory that arose at the end of the Middle Ages to prevent the misuse of power after the Papacy had become corrupt. Let's see, how did democracy start? What was its source? Democracy was born out of the Reformation against the corrupt Catholic Church. Because of this origin, religion and politics were separated.

What? Separate religion from politics? Why separate religion from politics? Why separate politics from religion? Can you separate God from politics?

God is active in the realization of all human affairs. Therefore, when the democracies produce a succession of many uncorrupted politicians, it will become heaven on earth. Don't you agree that this is the way it should be?

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