The Words of the Fefferman Family

December 8 Victory Celebration

Dan Fefferman
December 9, 2002

The thing that I remember most clearly was Father's emphasis on restoring one nation. He said that Jesus couldn't enter heaven because Jesus couldn't get married and restore one nation. Father said he would be content to die if he could live only one day in God's restored nation. (Made me wonder if Father will go to "heaven" if he were to die tomorrow :-(

There was also a strong sense of leave-taking in Father's talk. I've had this feeling before of course... Father's been talking about leaving America for more than 20 years, and has even said goodbye on several occasions.

Father was not very jovial despite the "Victory Celebration" banner behind him and mother. It was one of his more serious talks, urging us not to take it easy and quoting Jesus about seeking the kingdom (chon il guk) first rather than worrying about food and clothing.

There were some light moments however -- Father used Rev Stallings as his representative student several times... having him stand and respond to questions, like "do you believe, or do you know?" that Father is the Messiah. also "what is the difference between know and understand?" (father said that a man "knows" what marriage is before he is married, but he "understands" only after he has actually BEEN married). Father said, "Do you know that Jesus was married?" Stallings said, "Jesus wasn't married." Father said, "But Father has blessed him now." Stallings said, "Yes, Abonim, I know this." Father said, "do you know where his wife is?" Stallings said, "Yes Father, in Belvedere. I have met her.... Mrs. Jesus."

Stallings played the role of a good son very well. He also served Father and Mother their water etc... To me it seemed that did it with the devoted heart of a priest at the altar... something he is well trained for.


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