The Words of the Fefferman Family


Dan Fefferman
September 12, 2002

If you didn't get mad at Tiger Park, you just didn't "get" what he was all about. He intentionally provoked people, especially men, to see what kind of guts they had.

The best report I ever gave to Father was when Father asked me and Dr. Bergman to talk about our (new) experience with Tiger Park during a international leaders meeting at Belvedere. Dr. Bergman gave a glowing Oakland-style (no negativity) report about how wonderful Tiger Park was, how hard working, how much he loved God etc. etc. It was okay... but you know... kind of milquetoast. Then I got up and my whole report was about my first fight with Tiger Park and how I eventually came to love him. I gave a blow-by blow account of how he yelled at me and I yelled at him, how I hung up the phone on him, how he called me back and started yelling some more. "You want to fight with ME?" Tiger Park said. "YES" I shouted, "I want to fight with you!". "You are Satan now then!" he said. "Even if I am Satan you still can still learn something from me!" I shouted back.

Father was laughing so hard that tears were running down his face. He could see that I had gotten to know the "real" Tiger Park that he also knew and loved so much. I was doing my best Tiger Park imitation... complete with "You are Junk!" and "Mo-Mo-Mo's" etcs.

I closed the report by talking about how a mother Tiger trains her cubs by cuffing them. If she doesn't do that, they won't know how to fight bravely, or how to respect superior strength. Also something about how Tiger Park was training us brothers to be real men, not just "yes-man". As I went to sit down, Tiger Park jumped up and gave me a huge bear hug. He too had been laughing so hard that tears were running down his cheek. "Great report Dan!" he said.

That day I fulfilled one of my secret life's goals... to make Father laugh so hard that tears would flow.

It was a great day. Would that I could do it again and again.


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