The Words of the Fefferman Family

Tiger Park

Dan Fefferman
March 28, 2002

Someone said:

One immature Korean sister who was made our team mother figure for a short time conveyed the idea that it was okay to fight with True Father sometimes. The very next Belvedere Sunday service, Father looked ME straight in the eyes and very strongly said, "Never fight with True Father!"

Dan replied:

On the other hand, Father's favorite disciple was probably Tiger Park, who was famous for fighting with Father. He used to tell us the blow by blow descriptions back when I was president of CARP under him.

Tiger Park once told us a story about a fight he had with Father about blessing fees. "Why we need that kind of bourgeois fee?" Tiger Park said. "Our members already gave everything. Why do they need a fee now? Blessing is by grace, not by payment!" Father ruled that we needed the fee anyhow, and Tiger Park stormed out of the room saying "We don't need THAT kind of Messiah!"

You can imagine that the breakfast table's harmony was a little upset by this. So Father sent Mother out to bring Tiger Park back. After a little coaxing, he came back in, head down, but not completely humbled.

Father had tears in his eyes. "Tiger Park!" he said, "I need you! You are the only one of my disciples who can argue with me with the heart of a True Son and not the heart of Lucifer."

Tiger Park told us (American carp leaders) that story because he wanted us to inherit his guts and determination. The trick, he said, is to fight hard--even against God and True Parents if necessary, but always to keep the kind of heart that is passionate to realize God's Ideal. I think that is why Father loved him so much.

So, perhaps there was an invisible footnote in Father's statement. "Never fight with True Father... unless you do so with the heart of a True Son."

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