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About National Maessiahs

Mary Jane Despres
March 14, 2000

When did the National Messiah Providence begin?

It began in early 1996. Among the first National Messiahs to be assigned countries were ~ Korean elders who had served as leaders for 33 years and ~ Missionaries who had served in the Unification Church overseas missions for 21 years, 1975 - 1996. These National Messiahs were expected to arrive in their countries by June 30, 1996.

Most of the additional (Korean, Japanese and Western) couples who became National Messiahs attended a 40 Days Training at Chong Pyong Lake from August 1 to September 9, 1996. These additional National Messiah couples were encouraged to arrive in their country of assignment as soon as possible after their training - preferably within two months.

Does every country have a National Messiah?

True Father announced on June 23, 1996, that even though "there are 194 nations in the world" he would send out National Messiahs to the countries which were members of the United Nations. There were 185 member nations of the UN in 1996. Also, Switzerland and Taiwan - not among the UN member states - received National Messiahs. No National Messiahs were assigned to the providential nations Korea, Japan, and the United States. That [185 + 2 - 3 = 184] makes 184 countries, to which National Messiahs were dispatched.

Is there more than one National Messiah per country?

Yes. There are four National Messiah couples who have been assigned to each country:

1) The Adam National Messiah Couple, who are Korean

2) The Eve National Messiah Couple, who are Japanese

3) The Abel National Messiah Couple, who are "North American" (primarily American [USA] and Canadian, with some British and French additions) and

4) The Cain National Messiah Couple, who are German (primarily German, with some Italian additions).

How were National Messiahs chosen?

The first to be considered as additional candidates for National Messiah were elder couples - blessed before the 8,000 Couples Blessing of 1982 - in which the husband was a citizen of one of the four providential nations. A number of "somewhat younger, elder" couples who had volunteered for this mission were later included.

At Chong Pyung Lake, nations were chosen by an Oriental lottery system. National Messiah husbands "selected" their nation of assignment by writing their names and then adding one, two or three additional horizontal lines on a large banner, on which were listed the 184 nations. After all those present had done this, the nations were connected to the names by vertical lines, which passed through the horizontal lines, in a manner allowing only one of the listed nations per couple. This happened for each of the four groups - Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain.

How do their positions / missions differ from the presidents of our church in each country?

Rev. Joong Hyun Pak wrote (in a letter requesting volunteers for the new National Messiah mission, on June 29, 1996): "While being a state, regional or national church leader or the leader of a providential organization has great merit, it is not a permanent mission and cannot be bequeathed; it is not an eternal position. National Messiahship, on the other had, is a lasting blessing not only for the individual but for his whole clan and lineage. The National Messiah's descendants will take particular pride in their clan as that of the National Messiah. Those who receive this crown and take messianic responsibility for their nations may become known as the patron saints of their respective countries." Rev. Pak also reported that True Father had said that the National Messiahs would "become the original ancestors of the country."

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak reported (on September 5, 1996) that the position of National Messiah is like internal king.

Is there a list of National Messiahs and their countries?

World Headquarters would have such a list. Some National Messiahs would prefer not to have their assignments officially announced due to visa concerns. Others, however, are listed along with the International Addresses at

Rev. Taek Yong Oh, in a message which can be found at says that a part of the purpose for the sending out of National Messiahs was to substantiate True Father's position as King of Kings.

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