Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's NY Liberation Ceremony Questions and Answers

Martin Kampich
April 16, 1999

1. Location where liberation ceremony takes place?

Answer: Belvedere

2. If we already know the location, what is parking situation like?

Answer: There will be sufficient parking with shuttle buses

3. Do we need UC ID?

Answer: No, bring your Registration Fee, pay at the gate.

4. Deadline for Registration

Answer: You register at the gate. Your names need to be reported to your RD I will explain more in a fax or e-mail later

5. Method of Sending Registration, Send as Region or individually

Answer: Send Couple's data as Region by April 14th

6. Dress Code at ceremony

Answer: Casual, comfortable like we did at Chung Pyung

7. Couples only or need to bring children?

Answer: Bring children if you want or leave them at home

8. Is this something everyone must attend or voluntary?

Answer: It's voluntary, but how do you explain to your ancestors that you did not want to liberate them? Will they ever talk to you or help you again?

9. Is there are limit in numbers of couples who can participate

Answer: Everyone should attend

10. Can one of the couple represent the both sides of Lineage?

Answer: No, only the lineage of the spouse attending will be liberated

11. Can we still be at ceremony when we do not know all the names of ancestors?

Answer: Yes, find as many names as you can and think about the missing

12. If adopted, shall we mention legal or physical lineage?

Answer: Recommended is the blood lineage (physical), but if in doubt put both down. Dae Mo Nim can sort things out.

13. Mention Fathers side Ancestors only on both Husband and Wives side?

Answer: Write down Father's side only on both Husband and Wife. Example: Grandfather, Great Grandfather of husband and wife.

14. Shall we write down the names of parents who are still alive?

Answer: No

15. Method of payment - Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order Payable to _____.

Answer: All the methods will do for the registration fee and the donation Payable to HSA-UWC. Send it to HQ here in New York.

16. Is there are donation requirement besides registration fee?

Answer: Yes ( This will be notified through Regional Phone Tree)

17. And What is the amount is there is donation requirement?

Answer: Yes ( This will be notified through Regional Phone Tree)

18: Can Donation be Broken into Payments?

Answer: Yes ( This will be notified through Regional Phone Tree)

19. Do we need to pay at registration or can be billed?

Answer: Pay your registration at the gate when you enter Belvedere.

20. Method of Electric Registration of Participants

Answer: use Microsoft Word Example: In case of Quesdada Family:
Mr., Manuel, Quesada, 2075, MA, New England
Mrs., Sylvia, Quesada, 2075, MA, New England

21. When do we need to send the names by?

Answer: By today the 14th. Dae Mo Nim is already waiting for the participant's list. As soon as she receives the list she will start to work on it.

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