Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Seven-Generation Liberation Correction

Soonja Park Richardson
March 9, 1999

I want to correct some information that was sent out in a February 22 fax concerning the "seven-generation ancestors liberation" ceremony.

At the present time it is possible to liberate each member's "father's side" ancestors. For example, you can liberate your father's side, beginning with your parent's generation, up to seven generations, with a possible total of 14 people. If your parents are still in the physical world, then you can liberate six generations only. The same applies to your wife, meaning, only her father's side can be liberated.

There are some other people who can be liberated. They include physical brothers and sisters in spirit world, children of previously married Blessed couples in the spirit world, and spouses of Blessed couples in the sprit world.

I want to emphasize the importance of conditions. Dae Mo Nim has mentioned again and again that members must make conditions before they participate in the seven-generation liberation sessions. Without conditions, it is very difficult to find our ancestors. This is our member's duty to do this. In Korea, Dae Mo Nim is asking people not to come to Chung Pyung for this ceremony until they have completed the necessary conditions. We are hoping America can set the example for the world in terms of preparing properly.

This ceremony is just fantastic. It feels so wonderful to have your ancestors liberated. They can gain a very high status in the spirit world through this whole process, and they can become a wonderful influence to our whole tribe. Father wants seven generations to be the foundation, with future ceremonies being able to liberated generations even further back in a step-by-step process.

To review preparations:

Special Conditions: Praying, bowing 50 times, and or breakfast fasting for 21 days, or conditions of equal value
Special offering of gratitude
Make out a list of names of the seven ancestors and bring it to Chung Pyung or to ceremonies held in the USA on her upcoming tour. When it is not possible to identify seven generations, one can establish a condition while thinking of them (their positions) in one's mind.

Please call me if you have any questions. I hope America can be the best of all in accomplishing this liberation, outdoing Korea and Japan. It's possible.

Sincerely in True Parents

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