Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Speech At The 3-Day Workshop

Dae Mo Nim
February 8 10, 1999
Unofficial notes by Mark Bramwell

Because of Europeans we are having this workshop. I could liberate your ancestors, finally liberating up to the fourth generation last night. All members should go through the 40-day workshop. Until now we thought we had only our own spirit. However, that is not so. I have seen so many evil spirits coming out of people. I see layer after layer of spirits - in the blood stream, in the bone marrow. If you knew, you would be so scared and depressed. You have to go the absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience way. The spirits you have are scary ones who are so resentful. They were hurt by your ancestors. Those spirits are focusing on revenge. You cannot imagine how strong they are. You would want to run and run, even die. In order to separate evil spirits we need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and to live for others.

Now, many spirits are blessed. Liberated spirits become good through Heung-Jin Nim's workshop in the spirit world, because they have seen themselves, their reality. They realize they have to change in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. They know they cannot live there in the Kingdom of heaven comfortably. To avoid this they know they have to change and become principled, resembling God's personality. They are working so hard to change. If you could see your own spirit you would also be working so hard.

The way of true love means to have no arrogance or jealousy and to live for others. We may think we are living according to our conscience, but we must check the contents. When your spirit separates from your body, where will you go? (At this moment a sister begins crying very loudly without stopping. Dae Mo Nim explains that angels are removing a spirit which does not want to leave.)

There are so many ways in which spirits are working to make you sick. Evil spirits suffer much pain, trying to solve their problems. True Father wanted to start this providence in the 1980's and finish in 1995 before the evil spirits become so strong, but we could not start. True Parents have given us the Blessing, but we have not lived with absolute faith, love and obedience because we have gathered so many sins for generation after generation. Living by Divine Principle, the spirits would automatically be cleaned up, but we have united with the satanic way. True Parents have told us that we must live the Divine Principle way, but Satan is telling you something different. In our personality we should not have any jealousy, hatred or anger. We have made the conditions through which Satan can attack: a self-centered mind. After the flood judgement Noah was proud of his accomplishment, forgetting God, so Satan invaded through Ham.

True father was already prepared at birth. When receiving the Blessing, if we live good, our spirit will become good. You should be able to live good without someone watching you. We are never alone, but we are living with Satan and with God. If you are greedy or fighting with husband or wife, who likes it, God or Satan? We may understand Divine principle intellectually, but it has to be lived. The way you are living now, the way you look now, you cannot go the Kingdom of Heaven. You must change your life and make strong determination.

When you die, you go to the place where spirits are gathered together of the same color. So you then have to come back down to earth. If you could feel the spirits you would be so heavy that you would not be able to walk. If you return to earth, you would return to your descendants, but they may not know it is you. When will you liberate yourself from evil spirits? Your ancestors need to be liberated. Even spiritualists did not know that our bodies are filled with resentful spirits. If there were no Chung-Pyung providence, 100% of us would go to hell. The Blessing should originally be given only to perfected people who have cleared up ancestral, collective and personal sins. The time of Jesus was exactly the same as now. At Chung-Pyung there are even more miracles than at the time of Jesus.

True Parents prepared only our position to receive the Blessing, but we have received the Blessing as sinners. These sins should be cleared up through absolute faith, love and obedience. True Parents had to lower themselves and lift us up level by level by making conditions for us. The faith (I think it should be fate here) of a child is already decided within the womb, according to how the mother and father lived. If a crippled child is born, the mother and father were living the life of spiritual cripples. We must pay back our debts to True Parents. We must work together with True Parents. We must proclaim Divine Principle, True Parents, our Blessing and Holy Wine, accomplishing the goal while True Parents are on the earth. You cannot sit still. Go out, and good spirits and angels will work with you. God wants to accomplish His Kingdom on Earth while True Parents are still living. Tell the people about the original sin.

The spirit world is a very difficult place to be. When our brothers and sisters are suffering in hell, can I just enjoy my family? Go back home and witness to your family and relatives. Fulfil your responsibility as tribal messiahs. Just because you are here, the liberation of ancestors can be done. According to whether you are working hard, I will be giving the ancestor liberation session. Do not stay at home. Even after work you must set aside certain hours for God, otherwise your ancestors cannot be liberated. Christians work hard witnessing, but we have the Messiah.

Next time when I come to visit your country, I want to receive a report from your leaders about you. You now must be the central person. I will go around the world, perhaps visiting the USA in April. I am liberating the "troublemaker spirits" in your area. I am bringing all spirits to Chung-Pyung and then sending them back restored.

Leaders should enable members to do their missions. True Parents told us to do home church and to be tribal messiahs. Only a very small number have accomplished something in their hometown. If people do not know what the Blessing is, but have received it, when they go to the spirit world they will accuse us for not teaching them Divine Principle. At this workshop, use your last ounce of energy in clapping, singing and participating in all the activities, in order that you can liberate all spirits. Chung-Pyung is the only place where you can liberate spirits in this way.

True Father is almost 80 years old and still God and True Parents have no sovereignty. Before True Father reaches 80, do the work you have not done so far. Let True Parents rest in the year 2000. Many blessed couples have left the church. They must be brought back before the year 2000. When you go out, you are not alone and good spirits are using your body. Offer the Heaven and Earth Blessing to people over the age of 48 and who are ready to receive a spouse in the spirit world.

Now is the time when our good ancestors can come down and live with us. Also, up to now blessed couples lived so miserably, but in future they will be rich. In order to go the Kingdom of Heaven we must live in happiness. I asked God what to do to solve certain problems of brothers and sisters. This time the answer came: "I am God. Trust in me".

How to go to the Kingdom of Heaven:

1. Build a true family. No fighting with your spouse. Unite with each other. The husband must love 100% unconditionally and the wife return 100% beauty.
2. Get rid of fallen nature.
3. We cannot smoke and drink. Keep God's temple pure.
4. Do not go near the fruit of good and evil. Guide your children about this.
5. Do not misuse public money. If you have done so, you must pay it back.
6. Do not hurt other people's heart.
7. Be a shining light. Evil spirits can pollute good ones if they do not have the light. We must shine our light in order not to be influenced by evil spirits.
8. Be careful how you speak. We can chase away fortune through words.
9. Take care of leaders like God, attending and serving elder families.
10. Before travelling, report to God first, then thank God for bringing you back safely. Always report to God precisely about what you are doing.

I have seen every part of the spirit world. Let us enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven together! The more you live right, the more I will visit you. Filial children go to heaven. Those who are not filial will go to hell. Be very serious every day to distinguish between good and evil. There are too many spirits -- you cannot even ascend to the spirit world, therefore work hard in the clapping sessions. It is very difficult to live in the spirit world except in the Kingdom of Heaven, so your time at this workshop is very precious.

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