Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Speech At The Second Generation Spirits Liberation

Dae Mo Nim
February 14, 1999
Translated by Soon-Ja Richardson
Unofficial notes by Mark Bramwell

This morning, some of the children who are older asked me to bring some candies and cookies. I gave things which I received as presents for them to eat. Light the candle every day and pray for them, just as if you were giving milk to them.

Hee Jin Nim (the second son of True Father from his previous marriage, who died in an accident, now blessed, and general of the Heavenly Army) entered the spirit world at middle school age. He had not grown, so I raised him up further until Blessing age. For Hae Jin Nim I lit the candle three times a day, like three meals a day. I also lit the candle for the three young men who are now candidates to become the husband of Hae Jin Nim.

At least in the morning and the evening, light the candle and pray. You will feel the baby growing spiritually. Pray so that they can grow well. I will be checking how well they are growing. If I see they are growing too slowly, I can help, but they will be happier if you do it. Heung Jin Nim expects this. Today, they will go to the spirit world, accompanied by angels. The first generation, who died and ascended after being blessed, are also here and helping, including mothers who went to the spirit world. Not only the angels, but also these people are taking care of the children. Some are mothers with their own children. I will inform you when you children are ready to be blessed. I could already see who can be matched and blessed and who could be well-matched together.

As mother and father, up to now, you have felt sad about letting them go the spirit world, but now you can be happy. Some of the children are clean and beautiful, but some are like seeds hanging on a branch and in poor shape. When I met them, I felt some of them needed to be cleaned up spiritually.

Do not forget to pray for your children twice a day. Now I will multiply the candle for you. They will stay with you until midnight and then go to Heung Jin Nim's training center.

(All parents joined in a liberation prayer and personally received a special prayer candle from Dae Mo Nim.)

Your prayer and sincerity will influence how fast your child will grow. As father and mother, you can feel how much spiritual milk your child needs. You can also pray for anything special the child needs. Thank those of the 1st generation who are taking care of your child. I will continue to light this candle for 24 hours here at Chung-Pyung, but for your children to quickly grow and be blessed, you must also pray hard. It will be so wonderful on the day of their Blessing! Some of the children whose parents are not here came to me this morning, pleading with me. All parents should have come here. Your child will come down every year on the day it ascended as well as on holy days. Prepare something special on those days, such as sweets, yogurt or whatever they like. The tradition in spirit world is like Korean tradition.

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