The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Words of Guidance to UTS Seminarians

Dae Mo Nim
April 26, 1999
UTS Chapel, Barrytown, NY

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, June 5, 2011

"It is not enough to know about theology, you must understand a lot about the spirit world.

The Spirit world is so amazing. There are so many levels. Spirits in the middle levels dress comfortably and live in houses, just as on earth. But spirits in hell are so miserable. When I visited hell, I realized we must absolutely not commit sin. The smell of sin is so bad, that even a smell of a dead body is fragrant in comparison with smell of sin. Moreover while others can see the spirits sins, the spirit themselves cannot see their sin. A greedy man will live with greedy people, a jealous man lives in a realm where everyone is jealous. Without True Parents they would stay in hell forever. Before Father began his work, Satan controlled 80% of the spirit world. Lucifer was so confident, he is tall, good-looking, with sensitive eyes."

"At Chung Pyung Lake I made 10 000 bows. But if you pray deeply and with total sincerity, even one bow is enough. More important the number of bows is whether you live with God at every moment. Think, 'God what are you doing now?' Do you like my clothes? What do you like to eat? I can eat that for you.' Sanctify every moment and everything."

"Gossip, loose and angry talk are a serious problem. 'Be careful of what you say'. 'You decide with your mouth whether you receive blessings or loose blessings.' So do not speak badly about other people, rather use your mouth to praise and encourage. Do not lie or gossip about others; it is a Sin. 'Everywhere you go, God is watching you'. ' Because of the words that come out of your mouth, your hard work does not bear fruit!"

"I predict a great future for the church Leaders in the new age, we are just entering. However the church leaders have to serve first, not expecting to be served. 'In the Cain -- Abel relationship, we have to find out why Cain is angry!' I met Cain and Abel in spirit world. Abel was so proud that his offering was accepted and acted arrogantly. Had he spoken even one kind word to his brother, encouraging him to try again and hoping for his success sincerely, then Cain would ' Not have Raised a Hand Against Him."

"We have to be selfless and serve people of other Faiths, because ultimately all people have to come to True Parents. Even they do not agree with us, we do not reject them. Rather we should listen and appreciate them. Always giving love with a sincere heart. She exhorted us to be confident that with hard work and spiritual support, we can guide leaders of all religions. Jesus, and the Leaders of the Old Testament and New Testament ages who received the Blessing on February 7th, are working in America." 

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