Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

377th Ancestral Liberation Ceremony

Mrs. (Deaconess) Hyo Nam Kim
Notes by Nick Bikkal
March 12, 2000
Chung Pyung

I'd like to begin saying that the contents of these notes can be found in "The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Families" put out by Sung Hwa Publishing Co. The Chung Pyung Training Center's home page is at http://www.chungpyung.org/, and their e-mail address is cpkr@tongil.or.kr.

The speech was given to Japanese members which made up the great bulk of the membership attending Chung Pyung last weekend. That, however, does not take away from the words. Some of the more direct directions may be for the Japanese providence more directly.

Wearing a light lime dress Mrs. Kim spoke to us starting with a trip she took with True Mother in 1998. In 1999 she didn't go to Japan but she sent good spirit world there. When she was in Japan she spoke to the Japanese leadership and told them that sinful ancestors may now go to Heaven. The idea of Chung Pyung is to change our lineage.

Evil spirits got stronger after the fall. Satan dominated more. We inherited evil blood lineage. Spirit world wants to change and live with God. She told the Japanese leaders that she didn't have to go to Japan. The opposite, she said. Leaders should have gone to her. What's happening is wrong. Japanese leaders should have trusted Dae Mo Nim. Dae Mo Nim shouldn't have to ask to have members sent. Something's wrong. (At this time Mrs. Kim was really screaming.)

Mrs. Kim continued saying that Japan is in a most difficult place spiritually. Less than 1/3 of the Japanese membership has been to Chung Pyung, of this less than 5% has paid their ancestral liberation fees.

As of April 2000 Mrs. Kim will start the 15-21 generation liberation ceremonies. We cannot survive with our power alone. Our ancestors are under Satan and thus cannot help us. Some are doing the opposite, working against us. Mrs. Kim goes and talks with them and tells them about their working with Satan. Some change. In the past spiritualists helped but couldn't change ancestors to be absolutely good. In Chung Pyung they can. In spirit world ancestors can't work on their own will because they are under Satan. We don't have absolute good because we all come from the fall. We first need absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience.

We have fallen nature. No one has had an absolute standard after Adam and Eve, for the past 6,000 years. Adam and Eve created evil, especially sexually. Mankind should have been the children of God yet they kill, torture, and hurt each other. We are combinations of all sins, therefore we are not yet beautiful and crystal clear, because of our ancestors.

What went wrong on earth must be cleared on earth thus God sent central figures throughout history. Since spirit world is controlled by Satan no one could teach absolute good. After Heung Jin Nim entered spirit world he started teaching very clearly there about human history on earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven is beautiful, the Kingdom of Hell is smelly, dark and miserable. Worst of all is the smell of sin. Mrs. Kim wants to escape when she is in hell looking for our ancestors. Beautiful smells good, it's where all want to be.

Mrs. Kim has to go around spirit world and find all ancestors of each attending person being liberated. By 7:00 am all were found. After being asked no one said they wanted to stay in hell. She tells them of Chung Pyung and how to change through repentance, hard work, and meet with us, their descendants. After all donations have been paid by us, the ones going for our ancestors' liberation, then they can be liberated. Until then they must stay in a waiting room. She introduced the movie "What Dreams May Come" starring Robin Williams.

Some ancestors don't want to understand, they're stubborn, they don't want to change. Spiritualists in society are blocking us. They don't connect to ancestors. They don't see the deep spiritual hell. Mrs. Kim goes with good spirit world and angels and cleans the ancestors, and then brings them to the liberation.

They need to see where they made mistakes and what God's expectations were for them, and how they made others suffer. They can change but they need to be educated. At 1:00 pm that afternoon Father was to hold a Hoon Dok Hae rally at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, all this at a moments' notice. I believe it was the kick-off of a 4-year, worldwide Hoon Dok Hae Tour. He asked Mrs. Kim how many Japanese were attending. She answered about 2,000. Father then gave a message telling us how precious this ancestral liberation is. It's hard. There were 2,000 Japanese today. We can't delay because we delay the providence by delaying our ancestral liberation. Korean members are waiting. (At present it seems that the Chung Pyung ancestral liberation providence is centered on Japan and Korea. Mrs. Kim again was getting angry).

Mrs. Kim goes with lists of members attending the liberation ceremony, and members' ancestors go to her asking to be liberated. They say that because their descendants are blessed they want to be liberated. Some lie just to be liberated, but not many Japanese members have come. The 15-21 generation liberation will be conducted until September, 2000. Don't wait, she screamed. Ancestors are desperate and waiting. Over 15,000 Japanese have done ancestral liberation, however only 5% of them are completed because the donations have not been completed.

They're in the mud, not washed. The ancestors are suffering and scared in the waiting area. Again angry she told members not to delay, not to wait. Many messages have been sent to us by our ancestors; they want to be saved. If we don't pay they won't be saved. They're still trapped. If we don't pay they can't hear us. We are the combination of all their sins. After they see what they did and are in us they try to clean us up. Up to 120 generations must be liberated, then through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

With ancestral liberations our lineages are changing. We are getting clean, like a jewel. 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, ... up to 120 generations. Then we can live absolutely well. It is very difficult and exhausting looking for ancestors. Once found she sends them to Heung Jin Nim's training center. They go scared and dirty, and then become beautiful and happy. They begin to feel worthy.

At the blessing in Washington Mrs. Kim could see how different those who had their ancestors liberated were. (At this time, while transcribing my notes, I sent a letter to Chung Pyung asking whether ancestral liberations are for non-blessed members also.) With our conditions they are changed and slowly saved. Then we are paid back. We should enjoy having absolute ancestors. We should deal with the burden and difficulty of the liberations. Evil spirits are causing disease and are pushed away by our good ancestors. Those with cancer or can't have babies, etc. need help but are not coming to the Chung Pyung ancestral liberations. Here Mrs. Kim began talking about breast cancer. She said that ancestors know who it is that is causing diseases. This is not only the 1-7 generations but beyond; all the way to the 120 generation that cause problems. Some spirits tells her that he/she is the cause of a disease in a descendant. Other, clear spirits, push the descendants to Chung Pyung. Sometimes the descendants don't "hear." "We" are totally blind and deaf. However, we can live together with the ancestors. Some are taking the ancestors home to live with them. One couple of ancestors will always be there to help and protect us. When leaving Chung Pyung, we go home with them.

We should make one offering table for all of them. For example, on an ancestor's birthday the person and spouse, by couples, will sit together in the honor seat and all the others will be there and share. They enjoy sharing. We must also now kyumbe to them as they are blessed couples, too. We must live right, with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Now we aren't living alone. They know how we should be living therefore we must live right. It gives them joy. Go to church on Sundays. If not, how would they feel? Not many Japanese can take them home. On March 18 and 24, 2000 there will be the first blessing of ancestors. They can help us get away from sickness.

For five years Mrs. Kim has been speaking. No one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven without our ancestors. The blessing is only the door for perfection. Perfection = no fallen nature. We go high and then fail because we become arrogant. Throughout history central figures did the same.

True Parents came and we weren't ready. When Jesus came John the Baptist and others failed and didn't testify to him. The prepared people weren't connected. (Evil) spirits could have been locked out. Christians failed to unite with True Parents and the providence was prolonged.

Low level people were called. They couldn't understand True Parents, the Messiah, etc. Those in high positions think they have it made, but they need to work on the same - liberation of ancestors. They have big responsibilities; The Kingdom of Heaven is a joyful and happy place both externally and internally.

Mrs. Kim is working hard but the providence can't be prolonged. The spirits are scary. In a way we are lucky we can't see them, but on the other hand it would help to be serious if we could. They act resentfully. Some are only bones, no flesh, some are cut into pieces, some had their skin ripped off, some are like snakes, some headless walking around, literally, with their heads in their hands. There was a story about comfort women being cut up in public and that in Kagawa, Japan they used to have their ears cut off. (Does anyone know of this history?)

Mrs. Kim urged us to come as often as possible, not only one or two times a year. Go before we encounter trouble. After this weekend's workshop's 8-14 generation liberation ceremony less than 20,000 have had gone through it. Without the ancestral liberation we suffer sickness, etc.

We should begin the conditions. Mrs. Kim did 4067 kyumbes today to go down to find our ancestors. She did it because the members that were there had not offered enough indemnity for their ancestors' liberation, and Satan would have accused her if she hadn't kyumbed. Angry again she asked how long it would take before members understood ancestral liberation and all its ramifications. "How long will it take," she again, screamed. "Members don't know how they are using my body. Let's wake up! Until when will I have to do this?"

We must build a True Family to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There can be no hate. Husband-wife problems are no-nos. A simple touching of the hand is enough to kindle the fire of love, she said. In spirit world we can't build it like that. We need physical world memories. The joy remains. We can't have fighting memories. Resemble True Parents. After today husband must love wife. Wife must obey 100%. Strong women families go down. Women must return beauty, etc., no matter how much the husband chastises her because Eve fell first. Be patient. Don't be jealous; no anger, no self-centeredness, etc. Think objectively. Think of fallen nature.

No drinking nor smoking - ABSOLUTELY. I am in God and God is in me. Our necks and chests spiritually show these sins. Violence, etc. cause physical problems. Don't look, don't touch, don't fall. Adam and Eve fell sexually. We all have potential sexual problems. In some environments we can fall therefore don't create those environments, they are dangerous. Again, don't look, don't touch, don't fall. If one falls, report it and pay the indemnity condition as prescribed by the church leader, otherwise you'll go to the lowest hell. Some blessed members didn't know the meaning of the fall. Don't be ignorant spiritually. In spirit world all is visible It's all recorded in our spirit. We will see it in ourselves, and others will see it in us, too: family, neighbors, etc. Lead a life of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience.

Next, fear public money. Touching it is killing our children. Kids are ruined and destroyed. In a company, etc. don't use public money; same when fund raising. (Go to the Tree of Love and pray for the indemnity condition).

Don't hurt others' feelings. Build the Kingdom of Heaven. Don't misuse words. Give True Love. They are your brothers and sisters.

Do Pledge and Kyumbe on Sunday mornings and on the 1st of every month. On Saturday report to the leader if you can't go to Sunday service.

Tithe. Don't forget. It's public money, also.

Attend and serve leaders.

{There was something about being outside and not being able to sit and eat. I didn't understand it.)

In front of your altar, kyumbe and report before leaving and when returning home from the street.

We are taking our ancestors home. Some are troublemakers so Mrs. Kim liberates them. Clapping and singing helps angels penetrate because it creates cracks in the spirits and thus we are able to crack open the fallen nature. (This brought memories of the Israelites before entering Canaan)

At this point in the ceremony Mrs. Kim started to talk on a more immediate and real situation level. We are about hour from the end of the ceremony now.

Mrs. Kim found all ancestors. If she hadn't she would be lying. When they come into the room they sit to our right crying, happy, grateful, etc. They are talking to us. They are touching our right hand and arms. With our left hand we were to touch our right and feel them, talk to them, and ask them what they wanted. It was a time to give them love.

At this moment, also, we were to wear white tops: a T-shirt, a white sweatshirt, etc. (Clothing throughout the ceremony is very informal).

During the midnight prayer at the Tree of Love we are to pray that the bad spirit world be removed.

This is the restored Garden of Eden, where the Heavenly Palace is. The little shrubs there are from members. With our donations a hospital is being built. Top grade, and with the most expensive equipment. Be careful with everything we use and touch. Don't throw food away, don't misuse electricity, etc.

Scolding the Japanese (Japanese made up a good 90% of the membership this weekend) she said they are very clean and neat in their home country. Mrs. Kim mentioned the toilets in Japan being of a high standard. They keep good order, too, she added. They must set an example for Koreans who do not have that standard. However, when they leave their home country Japanese drop their standard.

Mrs. Kim ended with gratitude for the Japanese 40-day witnessing condition and saying we should live without disease nor trouble, and live with True Parents.

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