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Dae Mo Nim Sends 106 Saints to America

Jorg Heller
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Here is or best attempt at the translation of the names. We do not know many of those names given, and thus have no idea whether or not they are correct, Some names may just have been impossible to translate. We have asked Chung Pyung to help us. They promised they would, but have given us no idea of how quickly they would be able to respond.

106 Saints were sent by Dae Mo Nim from Chung Pyung via a special "Ceremony of Appointment" on May 12, 1999 to America. All are figures of World Christianity who were spiritually blessed on February 7, 1999.

Names of the Figures

1. Old Testament (65 people):

Cain, Abel, Enoch, Gideon, Samuel, David, Solomon, Elijah, Job, Jeremiah, Daniel, Joel, Obadiah, Micah, Habakkuk, Haggai, Malachi, Elisha, Hezekiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Nahum, Zephaniah, Zachariah, Canaan, Candace, Gedma, Gorah, Nicodemus, Tamar, Rachel, Benjamin, Shem, Ham, Nathaniel, Naarch, Noga, Nimrod, Daniel, Tathoo, Talbon, Talsis, Deman, Deborah, Laban, Levi, Ruth, Menan, Medath, Manasseh, Migulrot, Bereth, Berechiah, Baara, Banuel, Bagael, Asa, Abiel, and Jonah

2. New Testament (14 people):

Andrew, Jacob, Philip, Bartholomew, Mathias, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Paul, John, Stephen, Saggeo (blessed with Kim, Ok-Bong), St. Augustine (blessed with Kang Hyun-Shil)

3. Figures in World Christian History (27 people):

Titus. Policarp. Justin, Origen, Turtulean, Montanus, Constantine, Athanasius, Anthony, Johan Chrisothrom, Ambrose, Jerome, Nestorius, Gregory I, Willybroad [Willibrord], Boniflace [Boniface], Hildebrande, St. Francis, Thomas Aquinas, Wycliff, Martin Luther, Calvin, Whitz, Subaicher, Theremt, Martin Luther King, Wesley.

Dae Mo Nim said that these figures would do great spiritual activities in America. She encouraged members to work hard for their mission being connected with the spiritual figures by absolute faith.


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