The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Joy of Establishing True Families

Dae Mo Nim
December 13, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning and Education
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Note: On December 13th, Dae Mo Nim, who returned from the European Tour (Dec. 5-13), spoke to the participants of the ''6th Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families'' about the value of the special pardon and how we should live after the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Annyeonghaseyo. I am happy to be with you. I have been touring the world, but this European Tour that I just came back from was a very difficult one. However, I completed the tour with gratitude, and with the thought that I would be able to overcome any difficulty, if all of the past mistakes were to be sorted out through this tour.

Here in the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center, we have dealt with the most difficult problems of our family members around the world. Since there were some problems that required forgiveness from True Parents, I have continuously made sincere devotions and asked True Parents for a pardon whenever I had the opportunity. At this time, we are able to receive this precious pardon from True Parents, because of the victorious realm of the Opening of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum (June 13th) and the World Peace Tour of the three generations of the True Family.

Because I know the Spirit World, and Heaven and Hell, I am grateful to True Parents from the bottom of my heart. I pray that all of you will become precious children who are also grateful to True Parents from the bottom of your hearts.

The Value of the Special Pardon

Visiting the Spirit World everyday made me want the members to have accurate knowledge of the reality there. Although I convey the reality of the Spirit World as is, through the Chung Pyung works, it seems difficult for members to completely change their lifestyles, because they cannot see the Spirit World and don't have the spiritual senses to perceive it.

Because of the habits that were passed down through lineage over the course of a long history from Adam and Eve after their fall, it is very difficult for human beings to change. If we go to the Spirit World now, without receiving any amnesty, we will go to a place of suffering. That is why I worked hard to set a condition so that all of you can be liberated from Satan and evil, and become citizens of Heaven.

Up until now, we have continued to sin despite our knowledge of sin, and make more mistakes even after we made a determination to start a new life of faith. It seems like maybe some members even thought they were perfect because they had been blessed, and that is why they could not change.

When we received the Blessing, the Holy Wine Ceremony removed our original sin. This time, the Holy Wine Ceremony will remove the mistakes that we committed after we received the Blessing. There were many pardons given in the past. At those times, our responsibilities were to set certain conditions in order to sort out the mistakes. This time, however, the mistakes will be sorted out through the Holy Burning Ceremony (of Repentance Letters), the Holy Wine Ceremony, and the Holy Song Sessions. It is a precious pardon that is different from any of the past Holy Wine Ceremonies.

There will be no Holy Wine Ceremonies like this in the future. That is why it is important to participate in this Holy Wine Ceremony.

You must realize that your life after this pardon will be more important. It is not only important to educate yourself and your own family with the Principle, but from now on, all of the Blessed Families must live for, love, and educate one another, in order to prevent committing collective sin.

Through this opportunity, we must make determination to live for one another with True Love, according to the absolute principle, with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

In this era of the owners of Cheon Il Guk centered on True Parents, and in this era of direct reporting to God; 'the Era of Aju,' we must live a family life in which God can live within us and we can live within God, in all aspects of our life, with a heart of gratitude.

Life after the Holy Wine Ceremony

I have often taught the contents of the 'Path to Heaven' to members in Chung Pyung. There were members who changed their ways of life, but some members only took it as 'educational material,' and continued to live sinful lives. Please become members who will never lead a sinful life from today on.

Even if I collapse, I still want to help the members go to Heaven. Shouldn't you go to Heaven? The ultimate reason why we went through all of the sufferings, and continued to live a life of faith, was to go to Heaven.

From now on, you must establish true families. In order to establish true families, the husband must love the wife, and the wife the husband. A true family culture must be established in which the parents love the children, and the children respect their parents.

As I toured the world, it deeply hurt me to see so few families who were joyful and happy. We could not become happy because we were connected to Satan, and were united with Satan's heart and his lifestyle. From now on, the members of the family must unite. Let's all become happy families. ('Yes')

Today, you can come out of Satan's realm during the Holy Song Sessions. If you stay until the Holy Song Session tomorrow morning, you can completely come out of it. Through the Holy Burning Ceremony, your sins will be erased with almost no traces, and tomorrow, they will be completely erased after the Holy Wine Ceremony. Brothers and sisters, this amazing works was not made possible easily. This pardon is given based upon the privilege resulting from True Parents' victory in their course of suffering, and the severely difficult conditions of sincere devotion that were offered through the Chung Pyung Works. The Holy Wine Ceremony that would enable you to break ties with Satan and evil was made possible in this way.

Every time I conduct the Holy Burning Ceremony and the Holy Wine Ceremony, I cry. I cry with tears of joy, because I think; 'We will be able to laugh with joy after this Holy Burning Ceremony and Holy Wine Ceremony. Even though our beloved Second Generation has lived in tears until now, they would be able to laugh through this Holy Burning Ceremony and Holy Wine Ceremony! Thank you, Heavenly Father.' I cannot express how joyful these Holy Burning Ceremony, Holy Wine Ceremony, and Holy Song Sessions are, because we are being taken out of the hands of Satan. It is truly a happy occasion.

We must live a cheerful life, full of joy from now on. Brothers must be clean-cut and handsome. Sisters must be beautiful. Please become children that God can love. God would rejoice to see all of you become beautiful.

We can only form truly happy families when the wife can receive love from her husband, and the husband can give love to his wife. This kind of culture must develop. Otherwise, a bad culture will settle within ourselves. Husband and wife must become one! When we live for each other, love each other, want to see each other, and desire to be beautiful for the other; when this kind of culture takes root within us, we can build a true family!

I am confident. I am confident that all of us will go to Heaven. It is because our blood lineage is absolutely good; it is of God's lineage. We are gradually becoming God's lineage as we make Absolute Good Ancestors, aren't we? Aren't the Absolute Good Spirits helping us? Since there are over 300 billion Absolute Good Spirits and Absolute Good Ancestors in your lineage, we can live happily now.

We are truly blessed people. I pray that you will always be grateful for this happiness, and that you can become filial sons and daughters to True Parents through a life of witnessing. Gamsahamnida

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