The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Grace of the Great Pardon

Dae Mo Nim
November 25, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning and Education
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Note: On Nov. 25, 2006, at the Fifth 'Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families,' Dae Mo Nim explained the background of this workshop and its value. She also encouraged all Blessed Families to build true families from now on.

Annyeonghaseyo. True Parents gave us the grace of this Special Pardon. I feel that this will be the first and the last pardon they will give us. When we go to the spirit world, we would be able to see how we lived after we received the Blessing, if we wanted to, but through the Holy Burning Ceremony and the Holy Wine Ceremony conducted at this time, we will be able to erase all of those contents completely.

Ever since the Chung Pyung works began in 1995, I have been preparing for this (pardon), thinking that 'This is what we need!' In 2000, I offered sincere devotion and asked True Parents in the hope that they would be able to forgive all Blessed Families, but it was difficult at the time.

At first, True Father said, we need to fast for 40 days and attend a 40-day workshop, in order to be able to receive the grace this time. But because it would be difficult for all members to participate that way, I offered 10,000 bows and asked True Parents again. That is how the condition became a 1-day fast and a 3-day workshop.

During this workshop, we must sort out all of our past connections with Satan through the Holy Song Sessions, and completely erase the sins we committed through the Holy Burning Ceremony and the Holy Wine Ceremony.

We came to know the Divine Principle and the reality of the Spirit World, but during this period, we must reflect on our past again and assess how much did we really live in accordance with our faith. We must first feel repentant toward True Parents for the fact that we have not been able to establish true families. After receiving the Blessing, which removed our original sin, we should have made efforts to erase our old ways of life prior to the Blessing, and completely cut off ties from the past.

However, we thought that we became perfect just by receiving the Blessing. We thought we could automatically go to Heaven because we were in a parent and child relationship with True Parents. You were taught about the existence of the Spirit World through the Chung Pyung works, but you did not connect it with your life here on earth. We lived our lives without knowing the value of our Blessing.

In Order to Establish a True Family

From now on, in order to establish a true family, the husband must love the wife and the wife must give beauty back to the husband. Together, they must play a central role in harmonizing the family. Your family must become a precious family in which the parents love the children and the children demonstrate filial piety to the parents.

We have many fallen natures. Despite the fact that we are Blessed Families, we have lived with fallen natures such as jealousy, anger, resentment, falsehood, greed, egotism, and arrogance. All the past central figures failed because of fallen nature. Even in this era of True Parents, fallen nature has control over us. Satan rejoices while God cries to see us talk negatively with jealous thoughts of others who succeed. Satan despises one heart, one body, and one mindset. Satan loves individualism. If we live with fallen nature in the era of True Parents, our hearts will have no choice but to be divided.

We must not live with Satan or within an evil environment from now on, in all aspects of our daily life. We must love, live for the sake of, and forgive one another, and be grateful. During this period, you must separate your fallen natures through the Holy Song Sessions.

We must never drink, smoke, or do drugs. Drinking and smoking leads to lust, sickness, and creates various pains. We must change our culture so that we can witness to ourselves, our families, and our family members. If somebody else makes a mistake, we must be able to feel the pain as if our own family made that mistake. We must also be able to not only stop ourselves from drinking or smoking, but also prevent others from doing so.

Our culture is a culture of goodness. Our role is to engraft others into our culture of goodness. We would never be able to witness to others if we are being pulled into their culture. It took 5 years and 3 months before I could restore Lucifer, who claims approximately 80% of the Spirit World. You must also be ready to visit a second time if you don't succeed the first time, and continue to visit a second year if the first year does not bear fruit.

You must not commit adultery. The place where the adulterous spirits reside is even worse than hell. That is one of the places I don't want to go to, when I search for your ancestors. From now on, you must promise not to see, touch or have intimate relationship with anybody else but your husband or your wife. Do you understand? ('Yes!')

You must also fear public money.

You must not abuse other people's hearts.

We must live a life of attendance to God and True Parents, after removing all of our fallen nature. We must create a family culture in which we bow and report to True Parents many times within a day. In order to have absolute faith centered on a lifestyle of attendance to True Parents, you must go to church. You must make it a priority over anything else to go to church on Sundays, which is God's day.

We must also create a culture in which we attend our pastors and a culture of living for the sake of others. We must attend our elder families and love the younger ones.

When we go to the Spirit World, we will understand how fortunate we are to be able to live in the same time our True Parents, the Messiah, are living here on earth, and that we were able to receive the Blessing from them. The Holy Wine we will be receiving this time is the Holy Wine that is of the same value as the one you drank when you received the Blessing from True Parents for the first time. Please live in accordance to the lifestyle that I have taught you today, after the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Because we were living in a Satanic world until now, it was almost inevitable that we make mistakes. However, I have faith that we can become truly good after this pardon, because we are now living in an era when our ancestors' lineage are changing to God's lineage through Ancestor Liberation and Blessing, and we have the support of 300 billion Absolute Good Spirits.

Please educate your own family to establish a true family. We are ready to do more workshops here in Chung Pyung, to separate spirits, convey the Word and to make all of you into Heavenly citizens. I pray that you participate in this workshop with a heart of gratitude.

Through this 'Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Family' which will be held through February 11, 2007, we will create a world that God and True Parents can have direct dominion over, and where Heavenly Fortune will be with all Blessed Families. I pray that you will be able to receive much love and blessings from God and True Parents during this workshop. Gamsahamnida.

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