The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Spirit World that Follows Good

Dae Mo Nim
October 2006

This address was given at the Special 40-Day Workshop for Blessed Wives and the Chung Pyung 40-Day Workshop True Parents often speak of a 'completely unified spirit world.' I often wondered what they meant. I also asked God many questions.

I will speak to you about the kind of changes that are taking place in the spirit world now. In the past, having a conversation was not possible in hell.

In the spirit world, you would see a very good world, then a world a little lower than that, then another world a little lower than that, creating different levels of worlds all the way down until you reached the evil world. Therefore, the spirits only knew the world that they lived in. They never even thought of seeing or asking about a world besides the one they lived in.

Then, one day, True Parents removed the boundaries between these levels of worlds. However, the barriers of the heart among the spirits still existed.

For example, if a husband and wife have a fight, even though they may be living in the same house, their hearts will have barriers against each other. This was the state of the spirit world.

The spirit world used to be pitch dark, but now, it is dimly lit with the 280 billion Absolute Good Spirits. And now, when I go searching for the ancestors, they look up to me and say, 'Oh, look, if we follow her, we can come back beautifully transformed like them.' When True Parents say 'Unified,' it means that the spirits are now able to see what is good. In their hearts, they can now say, 'If I follow her, I can be transformed and go to heaven.'

It has become a world in which barriers of hearts are completely removed. That is what True Parents mean by the spirit world being unified. It was very difficult to search for ancestors and bring them back before, but now it is not so. With the 280 billion Absolute Good Spirits, anything can be done in the spirit world now, and that is why True Parents say that 'The spirit world is already unified.'

A Life in Preparation for the Spirit World Our life on this earth is the problem. Spirits can see each other in the spirit world and therefore understand that 'They can be saved if they follow this person,' but since we cannot see even our own sin and fallen nature, we become lazy, not realizing the state of our spirit bodies.

Our life span is short on this earthly plane. When you go to the spirit world, you won't even notice your physical life on this earth. It is because our life in the spirit world is everlasting. That is why we must become wise people who live a beautiful life on this earth in preparation for our life in heaven. I'm sure when you came to Chung Pyung,

you started to think about where in the spirit world you will go to, and what kind of life you will lead there. At every closing ceremony of the 40-day workshop, I see participants crying and pledging 'I must live a good life from now on,' but the minute they step out of the gates of the Training Center, they forget everything. Our Life after the Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop It is certainly important for you to participate in the 40-Day Workshop, but the life you lead after the workshop is more important. When you go home, you must make effort to unite your family. Your family is most important.

This morning, Hoon Mo Nim gave a testimony about her own family, about how her heart broke when she could not be with her family, right? You must understand how wonderful it is for the husband and wife and children to live together. In order for a husband and wife to be able to go to the same spirit world and live together, they must become one in heart. The husband, who is the subject, must love his wife to death. There is no conduit or reason behind love. Love is unconditional giving. When the husband comes home, he must do many things that the wife enjoys.

You have heard True Parents say that heaven is a wonderful culture.

You must not leave this earth without listening to some beautiful music with your wife. If you visit a nice place, you must think 'Oh, this is such beautiful music and atmosphere; I must make sure to bring my dear wife here.' Again, if you go to a restaurant and experience some delightful cuisine, you must write down in your notebook, 'I must bring my precious family to this restaurant to taste the delicious food together.' This is the kind of culture we must create.

It is the same with the wives. You must give beauty back to your husband. 'Love', 'Beauty', and 'Interest' is included in 'Beauty'.

When a wife can love the husband like a mother, an elder sister, a friend, and a charming younger sister, when this kind of love and beauty exist together, this family will be a happy family. They will go to heaven together.

You must understand that our life is a preparation and a training ground to go to heaven. Only when you create a family who live for one another, love one another and are always united on this earth, can you live like that in the spirit world.

You must also attend your church leader well after finishing the 40-Day Workshop. Please attend your church leader well, be proud of God and True Parents, and witness for three hours a day.

We must grow. When the family grows and the church grows, we can create peace on this earth, just as God and True Parents have told us. Please bear this in mind and don't fail to live a beautiful life.

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