The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Original Palace Notes

Dae Mo Nim
May 2006
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Attached are some notes I took of a videotaped speech given in Tokyo recently about the Original Palace. Thought you might appreciate seeing these since we are in the midst of a fundraising campaign for the Palace. Hope you are all well! I will be working on another speech by Hoon Mo Nim to be sent shortly.


These are my notes from a simultaneous translation of the words of a Korean leader (I think his name is Im Young Kwan) given to our members in Tokyo recently on the subject of the Original Palace being built in Chung Pyung.  The translation and my understanding of it were imperfect.

First he taught us how to say "Happy New Year" in Korean, which is something like "Se bong mani padul seyo" (in the informal version).

Daemonim had to educate an architect, who then made the plan for the palace.  The main building is a symbol of God.  With the other buildings it makes a four position foundation.  The main building is three stories high, for the three stages of growth.  The dome of the main building symbolizes God.  The whole area symbolizes the universe of the entire creation.  The dome is 83 meters tall.  Chung Pyung is the restored, completed Eden, the hometown of all humanity.  The place (palace?) is a Holy Ground. 

People can experience God's heart there.  Chung Pyung is the gate to the Spirit World, a training ground to be ready to go to Heaven.  The spirits in our body can be liberated there and sent to the Spirit World.  We can liberate (ourselves from our) fallen nature.  30 years ago Father gathered members on a mountain at Chung Pyung and explained his vision for the future.  It is on that very site that the Original Palace is being built now.  It is 700 meters above sea level.  From the palace you can see the tops of the "clouds" over the lake below.  (Throughout this speech the leader was showing slides with photos of and diagrams about the palace)  It is very clear and pure spiritually.  In order to begin building there the top of a mountain had to be flattened.  It was not at all easy to build there.  Many specialists who were contacted said it is very difficult, even impossible, to build such a structure as the Original Palace on that mountain (or hillside, I'm not sure).  The ground is not hard enough to support its weight.  But Daemonim said there is no choice, because Father decided that place 30 years ago.

The Original Palace looks just like the Palace in the Spirit World.  While constructing it there were many problems one after another.  But Daemonim said the top architects in the Spirit World were mobilized to help the architects and engineers on earth.  She liberated famous architects from the past and educated them, and they came to help with the design and building.  Human ability alone was insufficient to build the Palace at that site.  2,000 iron pillars were sunk in the ground into the rock below.  It took one year just to make the foundation.  All possible problems, such as earthquakes and other natural disasters, were considered and the Palace was built to last forever.  The stone used for building is a soft white stone, not marble, but granite.  (It looks so bright and white in the sunlight).  Relief sculptures are now being carved.  The basement below the entrance gate has plaques on the wall where the names of the donors are being inscribed.  There is a bridge over a body of water that everyone must cross to get there.  Inside the dome there are beautiful paintings of scenes of Father's life.  True Parents toured the site from time to time and gave specific instructions as well as offering special prayers.  Members came there in tour groups and often were moved to tears at the construction site.

(Many descriptions were given of the dimensions of the palace and the pillars/columns in front of the main building, but I was not able to catch them exactly.  He made the point that, despite the grand sizes, it is still too small, considering the importance of our True Parents and our movement.  The Palace measures 10,000 tsubo (since one tsubo is 3.3 square meters, that's about 33,000 square meters).  The columns are the tallest in history (16 meters?), 2 meters higher than those of the Roman pantheon in Greece (temple in built in honor of the gods).  Each part of the columns weighs 30 tons -- they are the biggest in the world (there was more explanation of this, but it was not clear).  The latest machines were used to cut the columns from the rock.  This technology is really amazing, and could not have been developed without assistance from the Spirit World.  Daemonim found the stone of which to build the palace after searching throughout the world.  She finally found one mountain in China that contained the white granite.  The owner of that mountain had tried to sell it, but everyone said it didn't contain any valuable minerals.  He was so disappointed and even considered committing suicide.  But Daemonim could see inside the mountain and actually found the valuable granite there.  It turns out that the owner of that mountain is Korean, and in fact he is from Hoon Mo Nim's hometown!  Clearly that mountain was prepared by God for this palace, and the stone is ever better than marble.  So many stones were being exported that the Chinese government decided to make regulations preventing further export, but we finished buying and exporting the granite just before those regulations came into effect.  We already have enough of that white granite to finish building and continue maintaining the Palace.  This is truly God's victory!  This Original Palace is really important for the sake of God's Will and the establishment of His ideal world.  Father said that heavenly fortune will be conveyed to and connected with all the main cities of the world centered on the Original Palace.  Father said it has been his ideal to build the heavenly palace on the earth _ the Original Palace is God's dwelling place in the restored world.  The Original Palace in heaven must also be built by Rev. Moon.  If Adam and Eve had not fallen they would have built the Original Palace on the earth.  In the Old Testament Age the tabernacle and the temple were symbols of the Heavenly (Original) Palace.  The three kings of the United Kingdom of Israel (Saul, David and Solomon) built the temple but were not able to receive Jesus Christ at that time.  At the time of the New Testament Age Jesus came as the King of Kings, and he was supposed to build the Original Palace for Heaven.  But because he had to go the way of the cross he was not able to build it and promised to return.  Jesus had a goal to build a palace for God.  True Father was supposed to build the Original Palace by age 40, after uniting the world and after becoming the King of Kings.  The value of the Original Palace is hundreds and thousands of times bigger than this.  By Heavenly Fathers original plan, the Original Palace was to have been built by 1960 and a second one by 1999.  True Father became 80 years old in the year 2000.  The number 80 has a special meaning.  The year 2000 was an important transitional time at the beginning of a new millennium.  True Father wanted to build the Original Palace (Hereafter "OP") as quickly as possible, but the Korean government would not grant permission for it.  Many government people didn't support the Unification Movement.  Then Father started to focus on and build up the Unification Movement in South America and made special preparation there.  He thought that, if the OP couldn't be built in Korea, it could be built in S. America.  But Heung Jin Nim and Daemonim apologized to Father in tears and begged Father to build the OP in Chung Pyung rather than in South America.  Then a tent palace was built in South America (maybe like the Tabernacle of the Old Testament).  No one knew the significance of Father's effort in S. America.  Father was really serious to prevent failure of the providence in Korea.  In 1997 we started building a training center called something like "The Palace of the Heavenly Castle", which was to be lived in by the heavenly king.  That tent building (maybe in South America?) was to be used by God until the OP could be built.  That training center was spiritually significant, but the new palace (now near completion) has hundreds and thousands of times more value.  Finally the Korean government gave us permission to build the OP.

On Feb.10, 2000 we celebrated Fathe's 80th birthday.  On Jan. 13, 2001 Father held the Coronation of God's Kingship.  This was the most important day in the history of restoration.  In November of 2001 the establishment of the Cheon Il Guk was declared. (Other important recent ceremonies were mentioned -- we could not catch them all.)  On Feb. 14th of 2005 TP were crowned as the King and Queen of Peace.  In May of this year the OP will be completed.  On True Day of All Things (May 27th), True Parents will move into the OP. (According to my husband, TP have not stated that clearly but we are preparing for that.)

The significance of the OP is that it is the foundation of the Ideal of Creation.  The physical world and spiritual world are to be connected centering on the OP.  The OP is the capitol of the Cheon Il Guk (hereafter, I will write "CIG".)  It is the center of the cosmos.  The "Cheon Shim Tower" (down near the main Chung Pyung training center building) bears the inscriptions of the names of the donors.  Father decided the amounts of donation required to have one's name inscribed in that tower.  However, for the building of the OP Father did not decide the donation goals because the children are building the house for the parents.  Heung Jin Nim and Daemonim discerned the amounts in communication with the Spirit World. I think a list was shown giving different amounts for different countries or continents.  I will not write down the amount for Japanese families in this document.)  Heung Jin Nim said that, because TP are eternal, not only the donating couple's names will be inscribed, but those of our children and grandchildren.  Then our offspring will be proud of that contribution eternally.  Also a "time capsule" was buried on the OP grounds (Im not sure where).  Things that the TP had used and a name list of contributors were put into it.  (Not sure if it has already been buried, because donations are still being accepted.)  The time capsule is to be opened 1,000 years from now.  (It was mentioned that some donor couple gave the names of their descendants for the next 1,000 years.  I'm not clear about that story.)

Slides were shown of various famous churches in Italy, such as the Cathedral of Milan ("Duomo") that took 400 years to complete, and St. Peter's Basilica, which took 120 years.  Perhaps it was to compare the significance of the OP which is being built in only a few years.

Families who donate will also be able to receive a plate with their photograph taken in front of the OP.  Heung Jin Nim gave a message from SW in which he said that all brothers and sisters must do their best to help build the OP.  The situation on Earth will change completely after it is completed.  It will be the center of heavenly authority.  Daemonim said that the OP is the place where God and TP will live forever.  All people on Earth and in the Spirit World must work together to participate in its building.  The names of those who did so will remain forever in history.

The deadline for donations seems to be March 13th or 31st. (I think my husband said "thirteenth," but the FFWPU of America says March 31st, so maybe the first is a translation error.)

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