The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

DMN Memo 6 - Questions and Answers

Dae Mo Nim
March 20, 2006

Dae Mo Nim's Visit to Europe - Spring 2006
Questions and Answers

Dear Leaders,

Many greetings from the European Office.

Here is another set of questions and the answers given by Chung Pyung.

1. Here is another question concerning payment for ancestors blessings: If 1-7 generations on the Father's side have been liberated and blessed and the liberation and blessing fees of $700 each were paid, will that blessing fee count for the 1-7 generations on the Mother's side who have been only liberated so far and the liberation fee of $700 was paid? In other words, since we can now bless our ancestors in groups, will previously paid blessing fees cover for the group and will future blessings in the same group also be covered? No. You have to keep on paying $70 every time you do that generation. It is most "economic" if you do F, M, GMF, GMM all together. Only for the first set of ancestors (1 - 7 generations) $700.- needs to be paid. But DMN says you should never never "save " blessings, meaning you should not wait until all 4 lineages are complete so you can bless them at one time. It is really a waste of fortune. If a set of ancestors is ready to bless, you should bless them as soon as possible.

2. Ancestors are on 100-day workshop. DMN will hold the Ancestor Blessing in Europe on the 90th day of their workshop. Can these ancestors receive the Blessing or must they complete the full 100 days first? Answer will be given LATER

3. If a single person is sick and cannot travel, can someone else Bless his ancestors in place of him? Only spouses can represent each other. Maybe his or her parent could attend?

4. A member did only a 20-day condition before liberation of her ancestors. Should she just do one extra day condition or should she do 21 days again? She only has to so one more day

5. "About second generation: They can liberate and "bless" their lineage from the age of 16 years onward." My question: My children have the same ancestors as I do. Do they have to liberate and bless THEIR ancestors also? Do they need to make all the money offerings as well?

No, they do not have to re-liberate/bless. They can continue from where their parents "left off."


When 2nd generation liberate they are actually doing:

F - Father(1st gen)'s F
M - Mother(1st gen)'s F
GMF - Father(1st gen)'s M
GMM - Mother(1st gen)'s M

So if the child only wants to represent the father, they should check F and GMF.

6. Can non-blessed members bless their ancestors? Blessed children who are not blessed yet I understood can do that. Yes, they can, as long as they have had Holy Wine. They will still need a blessing ring and Holy Robes (white clothes).

7. How long must some one live in a country in order to belong to the nation's group? (Important for payment) F side immediately becomes the new group. The other 3 lineages become the new group after 2 years. Same with back payment.

8. Can someone who cannot go for the meeting with DMN send his or her wish papers through someone else that is going? Yes. Most important the wish papers are paid for.

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