The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Our Culture, Centered On God

Dae Mo Nim
August 13, 2005

Note: On August 13, 2005, at the Completion Ceremony of the "(Korean) Nationwide Seonghwa Students' Chung Pyung Summer Workshop," Dae Mo Nim emphasized, 'We must live within a culture, centered upon God,' and spoke on the matters that must be followed in order to go to Heaven. The following is an edited version of her message given to the Second Generation participants.

Anneyong-haseyo! Was the Seonghwa Workshop good? ('Yes.') The Chungshim Youth Training Center (Chung-a-Camp) was built with the hope that 'We must create a wonderful training center for youth, where the second generation can jump about as much as they want and enjoy themselves.' So, all second generation can come here when they like, at any time to make good use of the Chungshim Youth Center.

A Culture to Report to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity

I'd like for you to know, that you are now all at a truly 'Important period' in your lives. During your youth, you should learn the 'Culture of Reporting' so that you can give and receive to and from God, and True Parents. This has to become a habit from now on.

The best way to examine your own life, and change yourself into a beautiful person is to report before God and True Parents. You should report everything in your daily lives to God and True Parents. Yet, if you say, 'Oh, this is my exam period,' and not go to church, that is a mistake.

On Sundays, you should go to church, and report and pray, saying, 'Heavenly Father! This time, I have midterm exams. So I wish to testify that I am the child of God and True Parents before many friends.' Then, God and True Parents, being happy that you reported in this way, will feel more love for you, and protect you during the exams.

God will feel, 'This child reported, believing in me, so I should help him/her,' and will give you wisdom in your head and heart, and prepare the environment for you. When you face an exam, there are times when you get sleepy, or worldly thoughts come into your mind, or your physical condition isn't well, or the spiritual atmosphere does not suit you. It is difficult to focus, but God helps you at these times by clearing your spirit.

Also, when you wake up and change your clothes in the morning, you should show them, saying, 'God, True Parents, how do these suit me?' 'Father, Mother, how do I look?' and straighten out your hair and things.

During the course of your day, if you constantly report to God and True Parents and have give and take with them, you can make yourself beautiful. However, if the 'culture of reporting' does not exist, you can't do this. Would it be all right to appear before True Parents, smelling strange? Would it be all right to wear dirty clothes?

Can you go before God when your nails are long and grimy? Can you stand before True Parents? Can you appear before God and True Parents, wearing a shirt that shows your belly button? No, you cannot.

You should all change into decent, clean-cut, beautiful people. You should build a culture of reporting before True Parents. You should also create a culture of reporting to your physical parents as well. You should never keep secrets from your parents.

A few days ago, I interviewed a high school girl. I asked her, 'Do your parents know about this problem?' She said, 'If they found out they'd be so shocked they'd faint, so I haven't been able to tell them.' You shouldn't keep things secret in this way.

Parents are such that they will embrace a child, even if the child commits a mistake. It is their hope that the child will not commit a mistake, but if he/she does, parents are such that they will embrace with love so that the child does not commit further mistakes.

Therefore, in all aspects of your daily life, you should never tell a lie. If you report honestly to your parents, and as issues are worked out as you report, you will start to be able to live according to the word of God, and True Parents.

Practice the Principle in Your Life

If you learn to practice the words of the principle during your Seonghwa student days, you will not be stained by the evil culture of youth in the world today.

For instance, when you start college life, you will most likely be taken to a Freshmen Welcome Party. Even if you are asked to drink, you must not. If you drink even once, Satan will make you do it twice, three, four, five times. He will set it up so that you will continue to drink.

Then, who likes drinking and smoking? Does God or Satan like these things? ('Satan!') Satan likes them. He will have you continue to drink, make you mix with the opposite sex, make you look, make you touch, and finally make you 'Fall'.

What is Satan's final goal? To make you 'Fall'. This is Satan's nature, to do evil works in order to destroy and divide. God and True Parents strive to make everything one, to create one heart, one body, one mindset. Satan strives to have the opposite sexes mix with each other through drinking and smoking creates lust and creates sickness.

When secular young people come together to party, what comes first? Drinks appear. But what do we do? We enjoy a culture in which we study together when it's time to study, play together, rest together when it's time to do so. This is a culture where we can develop One Heart, One Body and One Mindset. When such a culture gradually is built, there is real happiness.

If we follow the word, which tells us, we shouldn't go to such-and-such places, or do such-and-such things, but to build our culture centered on God and live within that culture, there will be greater joy. This is the kind of culture we must create.

Earlier, one second generation prayed a very good representative prayer for us. He mentioned in his prayer, 'From now on, we will go back to our local churches, and do our best.'

Good things should be shared with others also. You should visit the second generation in your area, and lead them gradually to take part in church services and meetings of Seonghwa students. I hope that you will work together with all second generation to develop our culture, and to live within that culture. Please continue the life of your Seonghwa student days even when you become adults.

What Should Be Kept in Order to Go and Live in Heaven

What did we say were in the Spirit World? ('Heaven and Hell!') Do you like Heaven, or do you like Hell? ('Heaven!') If you know that Heaven is better, you should become people who can go and live in Heaven. I shall teach you what needs to be kept, in order to go and live in Heaven.

First, you must create a True Family. The father and mother become one, and the parents and children become one, this indeed is a True Family. Do you all listen to your parents well? When your mother scolds you twice about the same thing, don't you say, 'We can't agree on things because of the generation gap.'

However, if you center on God, True Parents, and the Principle, there is no difference in generations. There is no generation gap in Heaven. So, when you return home, you should become second and third generation who are able to create True Families, together with your fathers and mothers.

If all of you become devoted children to your parents, and the parents enhance love and interest in the children, these life habits on earth will continue into the spirit world, and you will be able to go to Heaven.

Next, you have to get rid of your fallen nature. Jealousy, hatred, falseness, selfish desire, the emphasis on 'I,' arrogance, discontent, complaints, all of these must be discarded. I ask that you can become Seonghwa students who live with true love from now on.

Then, absolutely no drinking and smoking. If you start to drink and smoke, God and True Parents cannot be with you. In order that we can invite God and True Parents into our homes, you must never drink, or smoke! Is that understood? ('Yes!')

With regard to the opposite sex, you must never look, touch, take and eat. Adam and Eve fell due to lust, didn't they? Within our blood, each and every one of us has the tendency to become lustful. If the environment is created, all of us have the mind to do lustful acts. Therefore, you must not create such an environment!

All of you must grow up to be proper, beautiful people, to receive the Blessing. Then, after receiving the blessing, you must become parents who can be proud of yourselves before the children you bear.

When you face temptation and you are shaken, remember the words of God, True Parents, and the Principle right away, so that you will never look, touch, take and eat.

You should never look at pornographic material or pornographic videos, and never go to lewd places. Do you understand? (Yes!)

Next, you should fear public funds. The one-tenth tithing is also public money. If you receive 10,000 won as allowance, you should donate 1,000 won to God. By leading this kind of a life of faith, I ask that you will become children who will be recognized by our parents as well.

Further, you should not hurt the heart of others. You should not say words of anger, words of envy, words of hate, or words of greed. Please become people who speak good words, beautiful words, words for the sake of others. And you should lead a life of attendance to God and True Parents.

You have a picture of True Parents at home, don't you? ('Yes!') Do you think of that picture as the real True Parents? ('Yes!') Then, before you leave to go to school, do you greet them, saying, 'I'm going to school?' ('Yes!') The Seonghwa students who came this time are all good!

Finally, I ask that you will become precious people who always attend service, attend your parents well, and love your brothers and sisters and neighbors. Please don't forget that God and True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, the True Children and the Second Generation Department staff, your elders, parents, everyone, are interested in you, look after you and love you.

I ask that you can all develop as second generation who are healthy and grow beautifully, so that God and True Parents can always dwell with you.

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