The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The True Wife’s Posture that True Mother has Shown

Dae Mo Nim
June 13, 2005
Edited: Department of Education and Planning
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

On June 13, 2005, among the members of the 94th Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop and 17th 40-day Special Workshop for Blessed Wives, Dae Mo Nim gathered and gave words to the blessed wives at the Chinhwa Educational Hall of Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. Dae Mo Nim gave a testimony about True Mother and emphasized, ‘To create a true family, the role of the wife is really important’.

Who do you think creates heaven in the family? It’s the wife. By the way, the mind and body of a man is created to be active in the society. Then who is going to manage such man? That would be the wife.

What would happen to the family if it was influenced by the wife’s mood? What kind of impact would it have on the family? Would you consider this family a happy family?

True Mothers’ Posture of Absolute Obedience

The 7 years after the Holy Marriage with True Father, it was a painful path that cannot be expressed by words. In an environment where she had to live in a small room, without being able to speak to others and freely go out, it was a really grim seven years of constant trials.

True Mother was able to give birth to 14 True Children because she was victorious over this path and was able to stand in the position of the True Mother of today.

The reason I respect True Mother is because she always has the thought, ‘True Father is the Messiah’ in her heart and life and is absolutely obedient to everything.

True Mother never spoke for herself when True Father announced something or during conversations with her. She always thinks, ‘He is the True Father, he is the Messiah and he is the subject...’ and is absolute obedient to True Father at all times.

Therefore, even if she is in her last stages of her pregnancy, if True Father said, “Let’s go there”, then she would say, “Yes.” Also, at times when True Father toured, right after she gave birth, she would go with True Father.

As a mother of her children, there are many things that she wanted to do for the True Children. To those things, True Mother would say, ‘True Father lets do these things for our children’, but if True Father said, “No”, then she wouldn’t do it.

Furthermore, when True Father returns home after speaking to many people or holding leader’s assemblies, she would try and make True Father peaceful. She would prepare for him to lie down, prepare a place to sit down and do her best to make him feel comfortable by massaging True Father.

Also, she takes good care of the clothes and bags and other things of True Father.

True Mother led a life centering on True Father after the Holy Marriage. True Mother lived a life of one step behind so that all members’ heart and life could unite with True Father.

Why am I speaking this to you today? It’s because we are the small messiah, as well as the tribal messiah. In other words, it is the subject and object. The wives are the object. When they enter the family they must face the subject as objects.

That is why in our lives we must research about True Mother and learn much from her.

The Posture of a True Wife

The wife must face the husband like a mother, an older sister, a friend and a younger sister.

The husband receives much stress as he works in the society. The society today is a society of competition. Your husband is doing his best to survive, so when he returns home, you must be able to embrace him with a heart of a mother and an older sister.

We don’t have anything to hide from our friend right? You must become a wife who can be that friend whom your husband can share everything.

To become such friend, you must know what’s happening in the general world. You must also read a lot of books. You must know what the state of affairs of your country, and read books that relate to your husband’s job.

Therefore if the wife talks about today’s society the husband will be really happy, since he thought the wife didn’t know anything.

At last, a wife like a younger sister must have charm. The wife should try and become a wife who can follow her husband with charm and love. The wives who can make the husband forget all the problems when the husband returns from work can create that true family.

We live our lives centering on the principle, a life different from the general people. And because of that, the wives of the blessed families do not wear nice clothes as much as the general women. When you go outside of your house, you see the general women with make up and are wearing beautiful clothes right?

When the wife say, ‘It was hard work looking after the kids all day’ and complains about things of her day, the husband who sees these beautiful women all day outside will find it difficult to be attractive to you right?

That is why wives should do their best in taking care of themselves. You must do your best in making your husband happy. You must show your beautiful self when your husband leaves for work. Similarly, you should show your beautiful self when your husband returns from work.

Also when your husband is reading the newspaper or watching the television, you should sit down next to him and hold his hand.

I think a wife who cannot be embraced by her husband at times when he is angry with you, doesn’t have the right to be his wife. Even if the husband is angry, the wife must become a wife who can go into the same bed of her husband and sleep together with him. If the husband rolls over facing the wall, the wife must go over to the other side and sleep facing her husband, that kind of sincere devotion is required.

Also, you should gently touch your husband’s face and touch his stomach.

There are no husbands who can accept such action from a wife at first. The husband’s anger towards his wife will gradually disappear only when the wife repeats the previous action for the second, third, fourth, and fifth time. To have a true family, you must do this.

I heard from a blessed wife that she wears her sock when she goes to bed because it’s too cold. So I told her to, ‘sleep together with your husband. It’s not cold at all.’

Before getting together, the couple didn’t know each other. Each lived in different environments. For the couple to unite as one and live together, without effort, this is impossible.

Therefore, to unite as one each must come in contact with each other. In doing so, the couple can unite as one.

The blessed family is not a family that only lives on earth but will live together forever in the spirit world. If you can’t respect each other and feel the love then that is how you are going to live in the spirit world.

Only when the wife can face the husband like a mother, older sister, friend and a younger sister, that family can be happy and that person herself can be happy.

Always attend God and True Parents at home, and become precious members who can live with joy and love. 

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