The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Original Palace Is a Place of God and True Parents

Dae Mo Nim
August 20, 2005

(From the November 2005 issue of the "Family" in Japan)

We Need to Complete It By December 2005
Chung Pyung Education Planning Department

Dae-Mo Nim said on Aug. 20, 2005, "The Original Palace is the palace where God and True Parents live eternally. All human beings on earth and in the spirit world have to build the palace for God and True Parents."

Now, the Original Palace is gradually assuming a magnificent, beautiful and dignified appearance day by day with deep interest of True Parents, Heung-Jin Nim, Dae-Mo Nim, and members in the world and their sincere devotion. Our members in the world offer sincere devotion in order to complete the construction by December 2005, and welcome True Parents early in 2006. With the completion close at hand, we want to review the meaning and value of the Original Palace centering on True Fatherís words and Dae-Mo Nimís words.

Cheon Won (Heavenly Garden) Centering on the Original Palace

True Parents have visited Chung Pyung at important points of the providence since 1960s, offered sincere devotion, and meditated through deep spiritual relationship with God for the salvation of humanity. Father gave a design to build a "Multi-Cultural City" in Chung Pyung by establishing "International Training Center" and "International Education Facilities." (True Fatherís words on August 11, 1970 and June 27, 1971)

True Father said on August 5, 1973, "Cheong-pa Dong is the holy ground of the formation stage, and Su-teng Ni the growth stage. Chung Pyung corresponds to the holy ground of the completion stage. Therefore, Father has offered sincere devotion since 1969. You might not know, but Father has gone and come back. When I went to and came back from Cheonpyeong, it took almost 4 hours. But whenever I had time, I offered sincere devotion in Chung Pyung.

I strongly prayed for planning the strategy for America. You have to know here is the most important place. Even though I did not mention it, those who have a connection with the spirit world know it clearly. Cheonpyeong will become the HQ of the world in the future. You have to know that it will be realized because here is the last place in Korea where I offered sincere devotion."

True Parentsí these ideas are now realized one by one. Cheongshim Hospital, Cheongshim Oriental Hospital, Cheongshim Village, Cheonshim Youth Center, and Cheonshim Graduate School of Theology have already opened, and in March of the next year, Cheonshim International Middle and High School will open. The Original Palace that is the internal center of these institutions is being established half way up the Cheon Seong Mountain. On January 19, 2002 at the 7-year anniversary of Chung Pyung providence, True Parents named the entire Cheonpyeong area "Cheon Won (Heavenly Garden)," which is the model of Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

The Original Palace: the Palace of God and True Parents

On July 12, 2003, Dae-mo nim talked about the location where the Original Palace is established as follows:

"Once you enter into through the gate of heaven, an beautiful and intoxicating natural world spreads out. Then when you step in more, there are True Parents. Now, we are establishing the Original Palace halfway up the Cheon Seong Mountain. The construction is not easy, but the location of the construction and the palace in the spirit world where True Parents live cross perpendicularly. Therefore, we have to establish the Original Palace there."

Godís will which Jesus tried to fulfill was to guide the world forming the realm of the royal family centering on Godís Palace. Now, True Parents, who is the Second Coming of the Messiah, have to fulfill the will. The Cheong Il Guk age following the Old, New, and Completed Testament age is an age when we can concretely create Godís kingdom.

Dae-mo nim said on September 4, 2005, "From Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses until Jesus, we could not fulfill our responsibility to establish Godís palace. In the satanic world, there are many palaces of kings in each age because even fallen humanity can vaguely understand the importance of the palace. So they built them beautifully. When I went around Europe, I saw historical buildings in Rome thinking, ĎWe have to establish the Palace of True Parents, who fulfilled their responsibility, much more beautiful than these buildings. Then we have to have God and True Parents stay there eternally on earth and in heaven.í I felt pain thinking if an insufficient situation now."

The 3rd Providence of the Original Palace

True Father said on November 8, 1999, "In Korea, Rev. Moon should have established the palace of kings after unifying the world when he was 40 years old."

The first providence of the Original Palace was in 1960s when True Father became 40 years old. However, the first providence could not be fulfilled because of rejections of Korean government and Christianity. The second providence of the Original Palace was at True Fatherís 80-year-old celebration. Therefore, we should have completed the construction by 1999.

Dae-mo nim said on May 23, 1995, "God wanted all blessed families in the world to give a present to True Parents in the new year of 2000. Originally, God wanted us to give not only the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon (Chung Pyung Training Center) but also the Original Palace."

The second providence of the Original Palace was postponed. Due to the disturbance of various Cain-type organizations, we could not obtain permission to build the Original Palace. Then, Heung-Jin Nim and Dae-Mo Nim reported to True Parents through Hoon-mo nim about the substitute providence in which the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon would be offered to True Parents as a substitute of the Original Palace. It was because there was no time to build the Original Palace at that time. A cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon was held on March 10, 1997.

True Father said on April 17, 1997, "Heung-Jin Nim and Chung-Mo Nim centering on Dae-Mo Nim in Chung Pyung asked me to come. I came to Chung Pyung because they were crying and asked me to come. Do they say, ĎBlood is thicker than waterí? Dae-Mo Nim, Heung-Jin Nim and Chung-Mo Nim prayed more seriously than you, so I could not help but go to Chung Pyung to have a cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon."

When True Parents came to the cornerstone-laying ceremony on March 10, 1997, True Father gave calligraphy "Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon," which meant that the Palace in heaven came down to earth. This means also that Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon will be used as a substitute until the Original Palace will be established. Then, the central providence came back to Korea from South America. On November 7, 1999, the dedication ceremony was held, and True Parentsí 80-year-old birthday celebration on February 10, 2000 could be held at the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon. After that, the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship, in which God was welcome after 6000 years, was held there on January 13, 2001.

Dae-mo nim said on September 20, 2005, "The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship was held at the Cheon Seong Wang Lim Gung Jeon. If there had not been this building, what would have happened? All of you built this building understanding the heart of God and True Parents. The Original Palace also needs to be built. True Parents came to the earth as the King, so they need a place to live internally and externally. We need the palace to educate leaders in the world. True Father always says, ĎComplete as soon as possible because there are many things for me to do.í"

On July 8, 2001, a historical cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Original Palace was held with True Parents, True Children, and many members attending. Then, the Original Palace started to be built.

True Parents proclaimed the age of "Cheon Il Guk" after the "Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship." After that, the "Coronation Ceremony of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth" was held on February 6, 2003, and the "King of Peace Crowning Ceremony of Cosmic Unity" was held on February 14, 2005. While these ceremonies were held, a topping-out ceremony of the Original Palace was held on December 31, 2004 with True Parentsí attendance. True Father looked up the framework of the Original Palace being lifted onto the top of the building for a while, and waved to members there with smile.

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