The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Notes from Dae Mo Nim in Budapest Hungary

Unofficial notes by Beatrice Clyburn
April 1, 2005

You made many conditions to come here. I also made many conditions.

You may not see the spiritual world; in us we have many difficulties. God and True Parents can love us by being cleansed and grant us heavenly fortune

"I started the CP providence"

In 1989 I met with God.

On January 19th 1995 I started the CP providence. At that time God asked me to go to CP to work. He said," That place should be the restored and perfected Garden of Eden; you must make restored, perfected human beings".

In the CP providence there are many buildings, built one after another. God said," You must create absolute good spirits". I did not have any money. I could not answer easily that I could do it. Also, because I knew that there were so many evil spirits, I knew it was difficult to say yes.

But I saw the spiritual world and Godís power, so I said "Yes, absolutely I will do it".

God then spoke to me; "To be successful in CP, you must be sincere; no matter what you do you must be truthful, you canít lie. Do it with love; donít expect payment. Work hard each day".

You must be united with God and True Parents; a standard of absolute faith, love and obedience must be met or Satan will come to you.

I believed in Godís words; I started the CP providence.

"A pitiful God" I met with God. Myself I never thought that God was a pitiful God. In the Divine Principle we read that God is a God of sadness, of tears. God created for happiness, love and goodness. Because Adam and Eve fell, the opposite came with sickness, sadness; hell was created. God was so painful, so exhausted. That was Godís situation.

The spirit world is the place God is; 80% of it is under Satanís dominion. In my mind I knew that working in CP was not going to be easy. I was most shocked to see evil spirits in men. When I talked to those spirits, they only talked about bad things. They give us sickness and difficulties; they want to revenge. As evil gained more and more power, God had to retreat to protect Himself.

When the Messiah came on earth, evil had dominion over 80% of it. Our True Parents are here. They are the first to know Godís heart and situation; it is known only by God and True Parents. They also know all the things that Satan does. True Parents are loved by God; True Parents made the foundation for God to be with the Messiah.

"To liberate God is the providence of True Parents"

We can count on the fact that True Parents love Satan and evil spirits and want to clear up the original sin. This is an amazing achievement of True Parents.

When we talk with religious founders like Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, who received the Blessing, they testify that they could not have the love that True Parents have. By themselves they analyze that they donít have as much love as True Parents who could love Satan and make indemnity conditions for evil spirits.

We need to know what the four religious founders said, that True Parents uncovered the reality of original sin. In the spiritual world when we look at Adam and Eve, it is very difficult to understand that they fell because of sexual sin. Our Messiah, True Parents found that out. The religious founders are shocked. True Parents made indemnity conditions to find the way for mankind to go; to liberate God is the providence of True Parents. True Parents are creating absolute good spirits.

In 2001 on January 13th, True Parents offered the Coronation Ceremony to put God in His proper place. In 2001-2-3-4 True Father continuously made conditions so that he could be crowned as King of Peace. True Parents have now done the Coronation Ceremony on the cosmic level. God is now the creator of all things able to work with His power. We have so many walls; God is able to break walls and end divisions. In the spiritual world more and more good spirits are being created faster and faster. More and more people on earth have their spiritual senses opened up so that they can get to know God and the Messiah.

Our Blessed couples need to know that we have reached such a time.

"What can True Parents tell God about us?"

Beloved brothers and sisters, I see that some of you come to CP very often. In ten years I have talked to you a lot about the spiritual world. Outside people know that God created all things but they donít know God; they donít know who created them and how. They donít know the spiritual world, the eternal world; they enjoy their life and die, and God has to look at them!!

We need to know how God feels. The relationship between True Parents and us is a relationship of parents and children; we need to know the heart of God and True Parents.

When I went to the spiritual world for the first time, I was introduced to the True Parents. I saw that True Parents are Godís filial children and know me more than anyone. Just by looking into my eyes Father knows what I am thinking. In front of God and in front of Satan he made incredible indemnity conditions leading step by step the providence of restoration.

We need to be the ones who know True Parents heart and who work hard. This is what True Parents want to tell God about us. Think about what True Parents can tell God about us. Have we lived with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience without temptations, never swaying? How many of us are like that? How many of us have such a family that God can live in? We have been controlled by evil spirits. We have a base for Satan to control us through evil spirits. That base is inside man. We have to create ourselves into Blessed couples that God can be proud of for being filial sons and daughters.

"Give three hours a day to God"

From 2005-2008 the spiritual world and physical world must become one, must work together hand in hand to liberate God and the spiritual world. This is Godís heart that all mankind must work to follow Godís will. In 2005 Blessed couples must know what God wants, that God wants to reach out to outside people. People are suffering in the spiritual world.

Those of us who know Godís will well, must talk to people about God and True Parents. God told me that all members must know this from 2005.

The way to live well is to follow God and True Parents, to teach the Principle to all mankind, and to give three hours a day to God. 2005 is this time.

"Why I came to Europe first"

Why did I come to Europe first? You worked so hard in the 70ís and 80ís; more than anyone you worked so hard. In the 90ís you got lazy, lost a lot of time, focused on your families and yourselves. God is sad. You have such ability. If you could have heavenly fortune, you could be effective and successful. You can be living well after receiving heavenly fortune. Thatís what God told me.

So can you do it? Can you give three hours a day to God? Can you promise? Amen!

Myself, when I started the CP providence I said, "Yes I will do it"; thatís why I keep working. Heung Jin Nim and 120 billion spirits are here. If you say Ďyesí they will believe that you will do it. Absolute faith means that we practice what we say. If you said yes and donít do it, this is also not absolute obedience.

All of you promised, please keep your promise. After I leave, will you work hard to talk to people outside? If I hear that you do, I will come each year I will even come one more time this year.

"Making myself available so that God can work"

Before we enter the spiritual word we need to remove our sin. You have financial problems and other problems so come to CP. Also you can gain good fortune when I come. Donít sit at home worrying about your family, worrying about what you will eat but think of being a mouth for God. Bring good fortune for those out there.

Even though I donít have much time I will come here to you. I will come here 2 or 3 days. I want to share words from Heaven. Please understand my heart. You must know how God is; God is near us. It is not like in the past in the 70ís and 80ís; you will not have such difficulties as you had before. God is liberated; He has power, He comes to us with it. Absolute good spirits were created, so many angels are close to us. Through our mouth God will work.

It is the same in CP. I am just making myself available so that God can work so many sicknesses are healed, difficulties resolved. Nothing happens without conditions; I make many conditions so that God may work with me.

"The way to live well"

All of you, beloved brothers and sisters, if you witness about God and True Parents, your family will be blessed. Good fortune will come to you naturally because we have absolute good spirits and we have good angels.

If someone says, ĎI am doing poorlyí, thatís wrong; it means you donít have absolute faith, love and obedience. The way to do well is to live with God and True Parents and to give God and True Parents 3 hours a day.

As I work in CP, I often get so exhausted because I do so many things, but I have power from good spirits, and power from God. I regain my power and I work hard. In 2005 I feel that all can belong to us; evil spirits belong to us because of love.

"Witness, bring many members and True Parents will come "

I built so many different buildings. I was worried about money, so Heung Jin Nim said, "Follow me"; he took us to an area filled with rich people. "Are you worried about money, look at all these people there, they have money." If they come to us they will give to us, they will give on Sunday; they will come to workshops and give. Many people on earth have money. I deeply thought of that. If you have financial problems, then create spiritual children and you will have no more problems.

If you have a great number of members in Europe, True Parents will be able to come. They cannot come now because you are small in numbers. If you witness and bring many members you will have no difficulties. We need to have determination to bring True Parents here to Europe. Can you do it? Can I trust you?

I am happy. Do you remember the last time I came, I yelled at you a lot. Today I see many new possibilities, I see many second generation, I feel happy. I love Europe; I donít want to change my heart for Europe, I believe in you. I saw your heart for God and True Parents. When you unite with that, that power can stay with you.

"Become Godís sons and daughters"

We will now do the holy song session, please work hard and hit from head to toe. 120 billion spirits are with you to help you do it. I will help you to have your wishes fulfilled. Sometimes on wish papers I read "please help me have better health" and I can see that behind this health problem there are more problems. So a few days later greater problems may come up.

The fulfillment of wishes is so good, they are not simple pieces of paper; they are light from God. If you ask for fulfillment of wishes but you are not united with God, God cannot receive your papers.

I said go to witness, take some wish papers with you in your bag, have people write on those papers so that their problems may be resolved. I will receive those cards. I will carry them to CP and help fulfill those wishes.

At the Blessing you can talk to your ancestors; work hand in hand together so that you sincerely become sons and daughters of God.

Dear members please give 3 hours a day for God; become persons of absolute faith, love and obedience. If you think it is too difficult please write me a letter. There are three possibilities for me to answer according to what I think you need: I will call, I will write back or I will pray for you

I wish you to have good health and to be happy. I sincerely hope you become Godís sons and daughters.

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