The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

True Parents' Words are Heavenly Law

Dae Mo Nim
October 12, 2004

On August 25th, at the graduation ceremony for the Chung Pyung 40-day workshop for 360,000 couples wives (86th Chung Pyung 40-day workshop), Dae Mo Nim asked those present to become blessed families who think of True Parents’ words as heavenly law and to follow them just as Dae Mo Nim herself absolutely believed and followed the words of God.

We always wish and hope to be happy and live well. We hope for a life that knows no suffering from disease, pain and agony. And the reason we lead lives of faith is because through faith, we want to live well. We lead lives of faith so that in the physical world we can live as the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and once we pass on to the spiritual world, we can live as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. Then how can we live well and be happy in life?

The reason I was successful in carrying out the works of Chung Pyung was that I remembered the words of God and did my utmost to follow them to the letter. God told me, "I want to believe you, but in order for me to do that, you must first pass my test." And his test was the 40-day and night vigil, which I have already told you about. Satan also said to me, "I want to test you too," and his test was none other than thawing ice [with my body heat]. And to find the Tree of Love, Tree of Heart, Tree of All Things, Tree of Loyalty, Tree of Blessing, and the Water of Life, I made an offering of devotion of ten thousand bows each.

After I had accomplished all this, God still said to me, "For you to fulfill one hundred percent of your responsibility, you must be ready to be persistent in carrying out everything I ask you to do and you will also need to follow certain rules in everyday life." He went on to tell me what these rules were: "You must be true, from the day you enter the grounds of Chung Pyung to the day you leave it once you have fulfilled your responsibility. Everything you do should be true, without a particle of falseness in it. You must protect not only the spirit of Dae Mo Nim but also the body of Hoon Mo Nim, in which the spirit of Dae Mo Nim is residing. And you must treat and receive everyone with love, even those who have committed the gravest of sins. You must make sacrifices and offer yourself in service without asking for anything in return, and you must not become lazy but work diligently. You must be prepared to work 24 hours a day, night or day." These were His words.

January 19, 2005 marks the 10th anniversary of the commencement of the Chung Pyung works. During these ten years, not once did I break any of the rules set by God. I had seen the power and the authority of God and True Parents with my own eyes and had complete faith in them. Thus I was able to believe the words of God and to follow them wholeheartedly. I also had faith in the fact that if I fulfilled all of my duties without question, God would help me in my work.

I’m telling you these things today because you are not any different. You must also understand that the words of True Parents are the heavenly law, and you must be accustomed to following their words and to fulfilling your responsibilities according to their words. If you just say, "Oh, today’s words were very good and inspiring. I feel blessed," and leave it at that, nothing can come of it and there will not be any improvements in your lives.

True Parents gave us words we have to follow that were fitting to the eras we lived in. At each given time, they told us to start home churches, to return to our homelands, and to become tribal messiahs. However, we did not obey these words, and so True Parents are telling us once again to return to our homelands and to work in breaking through on the grassroots level (Tong-bahn Gyeokpa). If we had fulfilled our responsibilities the first time they had told us, there would be no reason for them to tell us once again to return home. The present era is the era of Cheon Il Guk as well as the era of Later Heaven. What that means is that only when we return to our homelands and break through the grassroots with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, in one mind, one body, one mindset and one spirit, can we live well in happiness and joy. True Parents have opened the way for us to live so by giving us the heavenly law to follow. They have given us grace and blessing to live in happiness and joy. We must accept this as our fate and work toward that goal in one mind, one body and one mindset.

Therefore you should not think that the heavenly law laid out by True Parents is something that cannot be fulfilled because we are human beings with fallen nature. In our hearts we have a tendency to make excuses and to rationalize our actions, saying "We’re human beings after all. We can make mistakes, we’re only human." Needless to say, that is wrong. We must make effort to be better because we are human beings with both spiritual and physical bodies.

When we do not follow the Divine Principle, evil spirits can enter us easily. Blessed families, who are the children of God, should not harbor fallen nature in their hearts; in other words, we should not be envious, jealous, angry, hateful, false, greedy, selfish and arrogant, complaining and discontent. When we vent our anger, angry spirits can come into us, and if a husband and wife have a fight, evil spirits can come into that family that much easily.

I remember explaining this point to our lecturers by giving the example of hens. When a hen wants to lay eggs, it first goes into the hencoop. However, it does not start laying right away, but first prepares the ground on which it can start laying. In the same way, the spirits that come into our bodies take at least two months to take residence in our bodies. That is why I advise our members to come to Chung Pyung at least once a month to separate the spirits from their bodies.

During the 40 days you were here, attending the workshop, you also separated spirits from your bodies and learned about the Divine Principle and the spiritual world through True Parents, so you should not go back to the way you used to live before you came here. More than anything else, I would like to ask you to become families in whom God and True Parents can reside. You must not think that, "God and True Parents are our parents, and we are their children, so they can come to us any time they want." They cannot come if you, in any way, create the condition through which Satan can accuse you. Only when you’re ready in your heart to become the residence of God and True Parents can you live well in happiness, and become perfected people who can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven.

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