The Words of Dae Mo Nim
(Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Husband and Wife Deepen Their Emotion by Touching Each Other

Dae Mo Nim
June 10, 2004

From a quarterly magazine "Chung Shim" vol. 6 issued by Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The most important thing is to enjoy the prefect character on earth. The only way for this is to happy is by love, and where will it be attained? Family. For example, husband and wife fight with each other. Husband went out angrily, slamming the door. On that day, they feel bad the whole day long even if some good things happened.

This is because the family is the center. Here in this room are all husbands, the subject partners. What is the subject partner? The person who is supposed to give love. Therefore, you need to love your wife unconditionally. Even if you do not like your wife, do not give your wife the cold shoulder. If you do it, the relationship will become wrong. When you approach your wife with love wholeheartedly, the beauty from your wife will come back as love.

At the 21-day blessed wives Registration Workshop, I told blessed wives many times that after going back to your house you should become a wife like the mother, elder sister, friend, and younger sister to your husbands.

However, in order to make an ideal family, not only the wife's effort but also the husband's effort is necessary, making your character more humble. I said to wives, "Never take a position higher than your husband. Wife's character should be lower than the husband's." But, you, husbands, should also try to become lower.

You have to be interested in your wife. Actually, our church has a dream of the ideal family. But, even if we see True Parents" life, we cannot follow and live like them. The men and women in our church will be the last who are careful about their appearance in the world.

It is because they believe in their spouses. We should have interest and love to trust each other. In the morning, please get up earlier, and have time to talk with your wife and pray for each other, rather than hurrying to go out just after your preparation. Do not go out for work without paying attention to your wife.

As I realized at the 21-day Blessed Wives' Registration Workshop, many wives want their husband to embrace them, hold their hands, and kiss them when the husband goes to work. Did you do it for her?

Many of you did not. It is not good. Husband and wife should live the whole day with the sense of the warmth of their spouse's hands. Then the husband should see no other woman except his wife.

Therefore, you husbands can hold her hands, embrace and kiss her to make her feel loved.

A woman is very simple. Husbands also have a simple aspect, but wives are really simple. Wife is busy with housework. You might also experience it during the 21 days when your wife attended the workshop. Even if the wife is busy and tired with housework, when husband says, "I love you" or "Thank you," the wife is very happy and works harder.

When you are working, if you do not call your wife the whole day long, it is wrong. Your wife should realize what you are doing. But a man often hesitates to call his wife even though he takes time to call other people.

At lunchtime, you can give her one telephone call and just ask, "Did you have a lunch?" It is the same when you come back to your home in the evening. As I listened to many wives, the most uncomfortable thing for wives is that after coming back, the husband reads a newspaper and watches TV without talking to his wife, and he will go to sleep with his face to the wall. It is really wrong.

Husbands and wives deepen their emotion by touching each other. Therefore, you have to be able to read a newspaper touching the hands of your wife, or touching a breast of your wife. By the way, some person here has not talked with his wife for one month, two months, and even one year after he fought with his wife. Even if you fight with each other, not talking for a long time is not wise.

People sometimes fight and say tell terrible words. However, you the husband are the subject partner of love, so you must be first to give warm words of "Sorry" to your wife who is still mad. If your wife feels too bad, it is best to leave her alone rather than trying to talk with her.

By the way, it is Satan who likes fighting the most. One western member of the 1800 couples came to talk to me in 2000. They have had no sexual relationship since their 3-day ceremony because they fight with each other and use different rooms. Because of pride, they could not visit the room of their spouse.

Many Japanese members here have the same situation. Some member has no relation for a few months. One sister who was a staff in Chung Pyung went to Japan to start a family. She has had no sexual relationship with her husband after their 3-day ceremony because they used different rooms to sleep in. This is wrong.

When you sleep, husband and wife should not sleep with their face to the wall. You may feel difficulty, but you have to let your wife rest her head on your arm. At the same time, you can touch your wife in order to ripen love and ferment your love emotion.

I educated the blessed wives at the 21-day Blessed Wives' Registration Workshop on how to make love. I told them not to put on any clothes when they sleep. One sister put on panties, brassiere, and long panties. Moreover, she wore a sweat suit. Then she put on socks saying that it is no good to make her feet cool after bearing children. However, I told her not to do that when you sleep with your husband. Her action means a complete rejection against her husband, saying, "Don't touch me. I am I." I taught what the blessed wives should know for making love.

There is the universe in the womb of the wife. A womb is not only for making children, but everything in the Creation is in her womb. There are mountains, trees, rocks, stones, seawater, river water, and flowers there. Therefore, when husband and wife make love, you have to think about unfallen Adam and Eve who ran and played in the universe.

Some husbands make love only for themselves. It is wrong to love for yourself. What will you do if after going to the spirit world you will realize the fact that you never knew on earth that God created the universe in your wife and how to play there? Will you regret it after going to the spirit world?

Husband Is the Center of Love Who Creates the Wife

Did you see the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams? What we should see the most in this movie is that the husband saved his wife from hell. Did they make that kind of lovely relationship in the spirit world? No, they didn't. On earth, they made their relationship of love with which they cannot separate from each other, so in the spirit world, the husband could save his wife from hell.

You also have to make that kind of relationship between husband and wife with love. You have to love each other naked, thinking, "Today we want to go to a mountain. Today, we want to go to a field. Today we want to play in a flower garden. Today, to the sea, and today, to a river."

When husband and wife love each other like this, the relationship between husband and wife cannot be cut even if someone tries. I said to the blessed wives at the workshop, "When your husband wants to touch you, don't say "No." Open yourself so that your husband touches you as much as he likes.

Make your skin soft so that your husband comes to you and wants to touch you. Don't make your husband sleep with his face to the wall because your feet are chapped, and your husband is surprised with touching your chapped feet when he sleeps." Isn't it true? I educated the blessed wives like this."

On the other hand, some husbands stink. Wash your body. You have to become a husband with a good fragrance so that your wife always comes into your bosoms to be embraced. Your wife would keep her eyes only on you, and feel love by which she is pulled to her husband like a magnet.

You husbands can create this kind of wife because you are the center of love in the family. Then, your family becomes the heavenly kingdom. Through these processes, you can eliminate your fallen nature, and it affects even the secular world.

You will be able to live your whole life with love.

You and your wife have had an education. By the way, your wife might not talk to you about this kind of education because she is too shy. But now you also had an education, so please make an ideal family with love having one heart and one purpose.

We soon become old and go to the spirit world. How do you live a beautiful life like a picture in your short life? Please live with a heart trying to leave an imprint of your love to your lovely wife, children, neighbors, and our members even when you are busy.

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