The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Heung Jin Nim/Dae Mo Nimís Message from the Spirit World - The path towards inheriting heavenly fortune and the blessing

Dae Mo Nim
March 30, 2004

May the love of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with all of you who are gathered here for this Special Wish Prayer Gathering. The Parents of Heaven and Earth love you, and remember you. This gathering is significant in that through this special and meaningful meeting, you, your families, and your nations will inherit great heavenly fortune.

Before you can inherit heavenly fortune, however, you must know about the spiritual world. The spiritual world is a world that functions according to strict principles. The standards of these strict principles exist in order to make a world of true love. According to these principles, those spirits who lived for the sake of others and loved others while they lived in the physical world, are allowed to reside in a better part of the spiritual world after they shed their physical bodies. However, those spirits who had only caused grief and suffering for others are made to live for tens of thousands of years in grief and suffering. The spiritual world was not divided into heaven and hell at the very beginning. As the sins of people on earth grew and expanded so did the evil realm of the spiritual world, which caused the spiritual world to become what it is now. The evil realm of the spiritual world was drastically expanded in the 1980s to take up about 80 percent of the spiritual world.

Satan caused evil spirits to enter the bodies of their descendants on earth, blocking the descendants from walking the path of goodness through the guidance of their consciences. Due to this, the number of cruel and evil incidents occurring on earth greatly increased from the 1980s until now. The souls of human beings became stubborn, and the realm of the environment of love became smaller and smaller.

Because the Parents of Heaven and Earth knew of the history of the spread of evil, they prepared the sacred holy ground of Chung Pyung with their tears laced with blood, and put all their effort into making the works of Chung Pyung possible. Through their effort, we were finally able to start the miraculous work of separating the evil spirits from the bodies of their descendants on earth and sending them to the training center in the spiritual world so that the root of their sin could be removed on a fundamental level, and they could be reborn as absolute good spirits. The resentful spirits who hold grudges against your ancestors are even now working, though invisibly, in you. They cause diseases and suffering, and many difficulties, large and small, in your everyday lives. Therefore, if the root of the ancestors'''' sin cannot be completely dug out, the descendants are made to suffer from diseases and difficulties. The problem lies in the fact that this suffering and these hardships are not for just one generation; unless the problem is solved on the fundamental level, the descendants are made to suffer generation after generation.

It is same on the part of the ancestors. If anyone commits any wrongdoing while they are on earth, they have to live forever in an environment of suffering in the spiritual world even after they have shed their physical bodies. If you consider what these spirits have to live through for tens of thousands of years in the spiritual world, you may be able to realize how pitiful and acute the situations of your ancestors are. However, the sad fact remains that those on earth do not know the circumstances well.

You cannot imagine how much those ancestors who are living in pain in the spiritual world are wishing and hoping that their descendants would participate in the Chung Pyung workshops. This is because the spirits know how they can be liberated.

The workshops of Chung Pyung are the work of rebirth being carried out on behalf of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. These workshops are also carried out on behalf of the Holy Spirit, who embraces all the pain and suffering of humanity like a mother and solves all problems and hardships with a mother''''s love. In Chung Pyung, evil spirits are separated from the bodies of their descendants on earth, and the ancestors who are living in suffering and pain in the spiritual world are rescued and sent to the training center in the spiritual world. In the training center, these spirits are made to repent, and to cleanse themselves of the sins they have committed. Afterwards, they are first sent to the realm of the spiritual world in which they used to reside, and then sent to the realm in which they can now reside after cleansing themselves. In this way, they can compare the two realms and realize that the more sins they cleanse themselves of, and are thus reborn, the better the realm of the spiritual world can they reside in. In this way, the spirits are made to cleanse themselves totally of sin and evil, and by receiving the ancestors'''' Blessing, they are transformed into absolute good spirits. The ancestors who have become absolute good spirits come down to earth and separate evil spirits from the bodies of their descendants. The ancestors give more love and blessing to their descendants than they have ever received themselves, and they try to help them in whatever way they can.

On the other hand, the spirits who are still living in hell-like environments in the spiritual world are continuously hoping and praying for their descendants to liberate them. However, even those of you present here cannot realize how much your ancestors are suffering in the spiritual world. In the process of ancestors liberation, I have met many spirits who told me the names of their descendants and asked me to pass on to their descendants that they are in endless suffering, and to ask the descendants to come to Chung Pyung and liberate them.

Distinguished participants! Though you cannot see the spirits, because your spiritual eyes are not open, there must have been times when you felt that somebody is helping you, or that someone was trying to hinder you in whatever you did. These phenomena are the result of the work of spirits, the former being the work of good spirits and the latter being the work of evil spirits. Inheriting heavenly fortune is very simple. The only way you can do so is to increase the number of absolute good spirits around you who can help you. To do so, you must carry out ancestors liberation and send the evil spirits residing in your bodies to the training center in the spiritual world, so that they can be educated, blessed and transformed into absolute good spirits, who will later come back to earth to help you.

Wealth and happiness in the present moment are not important. From now on, there will be a clear division between those who have transformed many spirits into absolute good spirits through the ancestors liberation, and those who have not. This will determine those who will inherit heavenly fortune and those who will not.

This meeting is being held to inform you clearly of how to inherit heavenly fortune, according to the clear principles and laws of the spiritual world, because the Parents of Heaven and Earth love you. Through this meeting, you will be the first to be given the opportunity to receive the great love and heavenly blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The Parents of Heaven and Earth, who have sacrificed themselves in order to open the path to inheriting heavenly fortune and who were finally victorious through offering conditions of indemnity, have bestowed a special grace on Japan. This special grace is none other than the "Special Wish Prayer Gatherings for Inheriting Heavenly Fortune."

Participants, you must realize that our ancestors are also present at this gathering. Your ancestors who have been blessed and transformed into absolute good spirits are now appealing to you with earnest hearts. The following is the appeal of our ancestors who have been blessed and transformed into absolute good spirits:

"Beloved descendants, after we ended our lives in the physical world and came to the spiritual world, we were amazed and astounded to find that another world, which we had never even dreamt of, existed after our physical death. We also learned that the spiritual world was divided into many separate levels, including heaven and hell.

However, we learned that no spirit could ever enter heaven, and all the spirits in the spiritual world ended up as wandering ghosts or spirits who resided in the bodies of their descendants in the physical world in order to resolve their bitter feelings. We could finally realize, though belatedly, that the life we led in the physical world was very important, after seeing the reality that the spirits who committed sins and evil acts due to their fallen natures would inevitably end up in hell.

We grieved and wept tears of repentance, when we realized that we could never return to the physical world after shedding our physical bodies and coming to the spiritual world. We had been suffering for tens of thousands of years in total darkness, when a beam of light, promising salvation, reached us. Through the grace of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim were able to mobilize the angels, lead us from endless suffering in hell out into a world of light, allow us to cleanse ourselves of our sins and to escape from ceaseless grief and suffering. There are no words on earth that can express our gratitude for this grace that has been bestowed on us.

Beloved descendants, now that we have escaped from the darkness and torture of hell and become absolute good spirits, we are truly happy and joyous. From now on, we will aid our descendants on earth. We will repay the descendants for saving us from the darkness of hell. We will no longer sit back and watch our beloved descendants suffer from diseases and difficulties. We will soothe the pain and grief of our descendants. We will help them to receive heavenly grace and to be happy forever."

As you can see from this message, the absolute good spirits have cleansed themselves of their past sins, and they have been liberated from hell. That is why they want to devote their lives to protecting and aiding their descendants.

However, there are other ancestors in the spiritual world who have not been liberated and blessed like these absolute good spirits; they are still in the darkness and agony of hell. The following is the cry of our ancestors who have not been liberated and blessed:

"Descendants, our hopes and expectations have disappeared, and we are now filled with resentment and animosity. We have waited for the day on which we can finally escape from the darkness of hell through the works of our descendants, but we cannot wait any longer. Our cries and messages telling you of our lives here have gone unheeded; no one can hear our screams of pain, and no descendant has ever understood the lives we lead here. Therefore, this is the final cry from deep within us, hoping you will listen to it.

Descendants, how many minutes can you bear to stay underwater without breathing? Can you imagine the agony of holding your breath underwater? Only those who have experienced that would know how agonizing it is. Living here in hell is like holding our breaths underwater for years and years. You cannot imagine the suffering we have to go through from those stronger than we are. Please listen to what we are saying. Please save us from this place of ceaseless pain and agony.

We wish we could bring you here, and show you what life here is like, just so that you would believe us. This place is filled with darkness, stench, ceaseless fights, envy and jealousy. What will it take for us to convey to you and make you understand the reality of this place? We will do everything it takes to convey to you the pain and suffering we are going through. Even if we need to give you pain or disease in order to convey our suffering, we want to be free from our suffering and anguish.

Descendants, please hear our cries. And please save us from this pain and agony. Please remember that to us, a day seems like a thousand years. We believe in our descendants. We believe that our descendants will save us, and we will wait until the day our salvation comes."

Participants, we must know and understand the serious situation our ancestors are placed in. This Wish Prayer Gathering is being held to console those of your ancestors who have not been liberated or blessed, and to put them at ease.

Those of you participating in today's Special Wish Prayer Gathering!

This prayer ritual is a great blessing from heaven. It is a gift of love and a blessing from our Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is a joint operation between the spiritual world and the physical world, which are working in oneness. At this meeting, you will experience the amazing miracle of having your diseases cured and the pain you are suffering from disappear. You will be able to see the spiritual world, and the beautiful appearance of the absolute good spirits. You will also see the ancestors who are suffering in the darkness of hell.

At this meeting, the wall created at the time of the Fall, which blocks us from seeing the spiritual world, will be opened. You will be able to see the miracle of the spiritual world.

The grace bestowed on you today is the grace and blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. This is the first time in human history that descendants are allowed to rescue their ancestors who are suffering in the spiritual world and to transform them into absolute good spirits through the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony and the Ancestors Blessing Ceremony. I had to offer thousands and tens of thousands of bows to heaven to find your ancestors. I also had to endure hours of pain in ice-cold water, as if the flesh were being cut from my body. I prayed to heaven all day and night for 40 days, without sleeping.

By praying to heaven in a way never seen before in all times and places I have tried to solve all the disease and suffering of humanity. And I have done my utmost to save your ancestors.

The work of Chung Pyung has been in progress for nine years now. This would not have been possible were the truth and the reality of the spiritual world not behind the work. I am also sure it would have been impossible for this work to continue and develop had it not been for the fact that the Parents of Heaven and Earth were working with us.

Your sincere faith can move mountains. What are you worried about when you can see the path to the solution right before you? The small prayers and conditions you offer to heaven will accumulate, and as you carry out the liberation of your ancestors, there will be more absolute good spirits around you who will aid and support you. In this way, you will finally be on the path to inheriting heavenly fortune.

Those of you participating in today's Special Wish Prayer Gathering, I hope you will become descendants who can never be forgotten by your ancestors, by liberating them from their suffering and agony in the spiritual world.

May the blessing of our Heavenly Father be with your families and this nation. Thank you.

March 30, 2004 From the Spiritual World

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