The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Work of Doctor and Nurse Angels

Dae Mo Nim
March 29th, 2003

Before Adam and Eve fell, God made the creation so that mankind can live in happiness. God, therefore, created doctor angels and nurse angels to prevent diseases from occurring. Angels have their own special skills and fields. If Adam and Eve did not fall, then there would have such a big problem in dealing with diseases. The diseases would be very minor. Why is that? It is because people could see the disease. If someone just rubbed the problem spot in their body with their hands with the assistance of these angels, then all of our problems could have been solved, in an unfallen world. But diseases of today arose due to our fallen nature. Through our fallen nature jealousy, envy, hatred, hot temper, falsehood, greed, arrogance and evil spirits, diseases arose.

Angels did not learn about the diseases that arose after Adam and Eve fell. God did not teach them about this. Therefore, I brought all the doctor and nurse angels to Chung Pyung and sent them to the best hospitals in the world (so that they will work at the Cheongsshim Hospital in the future). It did not matter whether the hospital was big or small. I sent the angels to the places that were leaders in their fields. At the Dedication Ceremony of the Cheongshim Hospital, I brought them here and asked them, "How much did you learn? Can you do a good job working at our hospital?" They responded, "We have confidence." I have made an announcement in the past that before members get an operation please come here and receive a prayer from me. In the case of cancer, there is always a spirit in the area where the cancer cells are being formed. When the doctor examines the patient, the evil spirit can make the cancer cells unnoticeable. The spirit can make a large area of cancer formation to appear very small. Therefore, the spirit needs to be taken out before the doctor examines the patient in order to clearly see the formation of cancer cells.

The medical angels will work at the hospital with the role of being a light bulb to illuminate the problem area to the doctor (in the case of cancer). Working light a flashlight, the angels will enable doctors to precisely cut out the problem area. Coming Back to Chung Pyung, 40 Days After Doing Surgery In the problem area where the cancer tissue is operated on, the cancer cells can grow back. So I said that after 40 days from when you have an operation, be sure to come to Chung Pyung no matter what. But some do not listen. Again the blood of some people can create cancer. Why? The spirits are in the blood. I said to a member that you have lung cancer, but you can also get a different cancer. So I told them to cleanse their blood through ansoo. But some stubborn members do not come back.

When a cancer tissue becomes hard, doctors can detect it, but spiritually the cancer can be seen when it is very soft [and unnoticeable to doctors]. When a nurse at our hospital gives, a shot, a nurse angel will go and take out the spirit in that area. On the 24th of March at 2am they [doctor and nurse angels] came to Chung Pyung and they will experiment on the 40-day workshop participants until the hospital opens at the end of April. Why is it that there are members who are normal but have no children? It is because the Fallopian tubes are blocked. These angels will penetrate this blockage. But can doctors do this? They cannot. Can this spiritually induced problem be seen by your physical eyes? They cannot.

Even if you take examinations, no problem can be found. Therefore, I wish that all of our halls were filled during this period. Do you know whether you are developing cancer or not? No. And because our members have a lot of faith, our members do not get regular checkups. A member who had cancer came to me after she felt so bad. That is why I made the state of the art examination center at the hospital (to detect problems in the early stage of development). When I went to Japan, I was shaking hands with our members, but then I suddenly saw one member who was doomed to die in the near future. Therefore, I started ansooing the member right there and took out the spirit. When I took out the spirit, the spirit had caused breast cancer to the member. No one knew about it, but the member already had surgery on one breast. When I looked at the spirit, the spirit was bound to create breast cancer of the sister and make her to have her Seunghwa Ceremony. Members are very grateful for curing a disease that is noticeable to them. But members are not grateful for curing a disease that has not been recognized.

With this examination center you can detect the problem early on and then I can cure it. And knowing that your problem was solved here, you will be grateful and be filial sons and daughters to God and True Parents. No matter what kind of problem you have, during this period, the angels will do surgery on people who need surgery or they will cure the disease through different methods. What do we have to do now? Live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. And be proud and truly love our True Parents and finally to witness to others. I hope you can do this with all your heart. Realize a true family, always tithe 10 percent, do not look, touch or eat (fall) and always go to church on Sundays. And older couples love the younger ones and the younger couples respect and (attend) older couples.

Thank you very much.

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