The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Unmarried Spirit Blessing

Dae Mo Nim
March 29, 2003

Dae Mo Nimís Speech on Saturday, March 29, 2003, 10.05 pm, Chung Pyung Training Center at the 2-day workshop on the eve of the first Blessing of Unmarried Spirits that are related to our direct ancestors.)

Hello. Tomorrow will be a very good day. Do you know that. Today is also a good day as well. I will tell you about the blessing of unmarried spirits and the period of the work of (medical) angels.

How sorrowful the heart of the parent must be, who did not marry their child before the child went to spirit world. But because of the special privilege of True Parentsí victories, it is now possible to bless unmarried spirits. When a person goes to spirit world as a child, it is not easy to raise up the spirit. But because of due to the privilege of True Parentís victories and due to the continuous conditions made at Chung Pyung, it was possible to first bless virgin 2nd and 3rd generation, which has been done twice up to now, and now out of True Parentís direction unmarried spirits will be blessed.

Through Chung Pyung Providence, members have learned a lot about the spirit world such facts as how big the spirit world is, how big the Kingdom of Heaven is, and about how far it is from hell to heaven. I told you about this for over 8 years truthfully, and I assume you know all of this. In the spirit world there is the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest is hell. In the areas other than the Kingdom of Heaven, you can hear sounds. Theses sounds were the cries of babies who are wandering around and are searching for someone, hopefully their parents and brothers and sisters. Those cries are so bothersome to me.

The unmarried spirits, whom are members liberated, were raised up. Even though you donít come, I could bless them under the category of collateral relatives. But you should know I made you to come here and make the donation of 120,000 Won (for Korean members). Compared to the number of absolute good spirits who came from the 1st to the 63rd generation ancestors who were blessed up to now, there are more absolute good spirits who are not related to our direct lineage, but their value is different because our ancestors can directly attend God in spirit world.

For example, when we held the Coronation of Godís Kingship on January 13th, 2001. At that time those who were present in the ceremony was God and then the True Children in spirit world, angels and our ancestors. Starting with the 1st to the 7th generation, then the 8th to the 14th, 15th to the 21st, and then with the 22nd to the 28th line up, the ancestors brought God to this place by directly attending Him. The spirits that were not related to our direct lineage and became absolute good spirits were not able to participate in that ceremony. Where were they? They were outside centered on Tree of Love. Only our direct ancestors are able to attend God and bring Him to this sanctuary.

There were previously unmarried spirits who were blessed, but these spirits have no direct blood relation to us, and they are not qualified to directly attend God. But these unmarried spirits who will be blessed tomorrow will be able to directly attend God. That is a very special privilege. When there is a special ceremony in the future, these unmarried spirits will able to participate in these events. If all of you did not gather today, then these unmarried spirits would not be able to participate in these special events. This is a special grace from God. In the future, I donít know how unmarried spirits will be blessed. Maybe they will be blessed under the category of collateral relatives. But today is a special grace, love and blessing from God for the Blessing of Unmarried Spirits.

All the unmarried spirits are here waiting to be matched with their spouses tonight, but for the parents or the brother or sister who did not come here, these spirits will not be able to participate in this blessing. The reason the parents did not come is because this message may not have been given at the church or you did not go to church or you did not go into our website ( The fact that some individuals will not receive this blessing aches my heart. Therefore you all need to get access to information concerning our True Parents and the Providence and tell others, otherwise you will be receive blessings.

After these unmarried spirits get blessed, a lot of problems will be solved in your family such as divorce problems. And after this, there will be few cases where children pass away out of diseases. Why, because in unmarried spirits, they have such a great resentment from not realizing a family, and therefore create many family problems and infertility problems. Sometimes, I saw a baby spirit in the uterus preventing the mother to become pregnant, and I observed a baby spirit preventing a member to produce sperm. I also in cases in which couples divorced or a spouse went to spirit world, I can see that unmarried spirits worked in creating these problems. So due to this Blessing of Unmarried Spirits, members will more easily resolve divorce problems, problems of family members going to spirit world early on and infertility problems. But only one third of those who should have come are present. Therefore, I hope that the leaders notify their congregation about our events quickly and I hope that you visit our website and the family federation websites daily.

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