The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Words from Dae Mo Nimís Speech at the 556th, Chung Pyung Special (2-day) Workshop

Dae Mo Nim
January 11, 2003

I go to spirit world to find your ancestors with the list. The ancestors of the members who are gathered here are calm with the heart that "Dae Mo Nim will find me," knowing that their descendants are here.

But the ancestors of the members who did not come lie and say to me, "My descendants are driving their car and are on their way (to Chung Pyung Training Center) Please liberate us." Even when I go to the spirit world after the registration has finished these ancestors lie to me like this.

Other spirits who are not blessed couples think, "If I just follow that person, then I can return as absolute good spirits. I must follow them and see what happens." They plead to take them as well. They say that if they become absolute good spirits, then will without a doubt, 100 percent for sure, will witness to their descendants. They say, "I will 100 percent for sure will witness to them. So, please take me with you."

I donít bring all your ancestors right away to here (Chung Pyung Training Center), but there is a waiting area. I put them all in the waiting area and reconfirm with the registration list. But I found out that there was one extra spirit. When I examined why this was the case, I found out that this spirit sneaked in.

It was so painful to put back that spirit to the place it came from. The fact that I had to return the ancestor back to where the spirit came from because the descendant did not come, knowing the environment where that spirit was living, was so painful for me.

Considering all this, it is not easy to find ancestors who are in spirit world and who are wandering as ghosts. The best way brothers and sisters can understand what it means to find a ghost is that I have to wander about the skies to find them. It is very difficult to find these ancestors and it is also difficult to find ancestors who are inside peopleís bodies.

Our hands are thin in depth. It is no more than a few centimeters. But when I go inside someoneís hands to find an ancestor, it is like going into the ocean. Since there are all these spirits and sins inside our bodies, is it easy for me to go inside someoneís body? It is difficult.

The thought that came to mind when I went inside peopleís bodies to find our memberís ancestors, observing all the difficulties there, was that even if God wanted to come inside of us, He wouldnít be able to come in. To find our memberís ancestors amidst all those spirits inside our bodies is very difficult.

There is one thing that I would like to request to our brothers and sisters. There are cases when one memberís ancestor is inside another memberís body. Also, this memberís ancestor could be in that memberís body. What I observe is that the relationship between these two members is not good. Why is it that they donít have a good relationship? It is because they are from enemy lines; their ancestors were enemies. If there is some brother or sister that you dislike or even hate or if you donít have a good relationship with your spouse, try to like that person. It could be that were difficulties between the ancestors.

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