The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Are We People of One Heart, One Body and One Mindset?

Dae Mo Nim
November 10, 2002
547th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Become citizens of Cheon Il Gook. True Parents wrote on the blackboard, Owners of Cheon Il Gook, our family? But to what degree can we manage this blessing? To what degree, can we be united inside of it? When I thought about this, my heart felt so, so difficult. I worried a lot because, when I look at members at Chung Pyung, even though there are members who are trying with all their powers to become bodies of perfected character, there are members who are living so carelessly because they have the thinking, since we are blessed families, we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven or into True Parents. I wonder with what kind of attitude, with what kind of heart can they receive this blessing?

We now know that True Parents are eternal beings. Therefore, our lives should not be careless even though we have the thought, in one corner of our heart, that since True Parents are eternal beings, even though they go to spirit world, they will be together with us. Since True Parents are eternal beings, whether they are in physical world or spiritual world, their work of educating us, making declarations and bestowing blessings will be the same. Whether they are in the physical world or in the spiritual world they will the same True Parents.

True Parents, when they go to spiritual world, whether they are in the spiritual world or in the physical world, they will show it to us and act upon it in the same way. But, since we are not bodies of perfected character, will we see it or not? No, we will not. We cannot see True Parents, who are in spiritual world.

Whether True Parents are on earth or in spiritual world, they will do the same for us. But since we can see them, it would be more difficult rather than being easy for us to change our mind and body and make realizations in order to become bodies of perfect character. If True Parents whipped and lashed us and if we could be hit spiritually, then that would be another story, but even if we are hit, we don't feel it.

Therefore, our family and ourselves need to change while True Parents are on earth. We need to live our lives of one heart, one body and one mindset. As we become like this, we need to make our neighbors, our relatives and our friends to change their lives to be of one heart, one body and one mindset.

To be honest, True Parents should not worry to give us this blessing without them sleeping. We should be worrying about this. Before True Parents goes [to spiritual world], how should we change? True Parents said that we are owners of Cheon Il Gook, but we should be individuals who can examine whether we are indeed owners of Cheon Il Gook.

We are told to live with one heart, one body and one mindset, but are we in fact of one heart, one body and one mindset? When God sent the True Parents to earth, did they come to just restore such small group, who are so lacking? If we don't establish the sovereignty of one nation and True Parents go [to spiritual world], then we don't even have the qualification to shed tears in front of path that True Parents are going. Are we children of filial piety or undutiful children, if we don't have the qualification to shed tears? We are undutiful children. You need to become filial sons and daughters who can say, as owners of Cheon Il Gook, I fulfilled all my responsibility, in front of True Father and True Mother, I completely lived my life with one heart, one body and one mindset.

Therefore, we need to become people who always who think. People who think a lot are wise. People who think a lot listen [well] to God and True Parents words. You should not become people, who without thinking, are full of greed, jealousy and envy due to their fallen natures. You need to become people who are determined and who pledge to live with one heart, one body and one mindset in front of God, True Parents and in front of the way of God's will.

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