Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Letís Admit Our Fallen Nature And Change To True Love

Dae Mo Nim
July 13, 2002
Message at the 529th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Training Center

We should objectively admit to ourselves what we can admit. What should we admit to ourselves? Unless we admit that we have sin and fallen nature, we cannot correct these things. In other words, only when we know that we have a disease, can we make effort to cure it. Likewise, only when we admit that we have sin and fallen nature, can we correct it. Do you believe it? (Yes)

Where did sin and evil come from? It came from our blood lineage, from Adam and Eve. When I look at the ancestor liberation that is going on here, like the way a baby is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord, all the scenes of the lives of our ancestors are connected to us. All the lives of our ancestors for 6,000 biblical years are inside each one body. It came from the blood lineage of Adam and Eve. Oneís ancestral sins and collective sins are very big and are many in number. On the other hand, individual sin is very little.

We cannot change to become forms of goodness, unless we do not commit individual sin, not express our fallen nature, and not commit ancestral sin and collective sin. But where does all this sin and evil come from? It comes from our fallen nature: jealousy, envy, hot temper, hatred, falsehood, greed, arrogance, and egotism. Fallen nature is not made, but sin and evil is created through fallen nature.

We should know of the method of getting rid of our sins. If you know of a disease, then you must know how to cure it. If you want to get rid of evil, you must know the method of getting rid of it. There must not be fallen nature in order to correct evil.

What is the method of not committing sin, of getting rid of sin, of not creating evil, and of getting rid of evil? We should not commit fallen nature, and fallen nature should not be together in our lives. Only with what? True love. We should live only with the heart of living for others.

As True Parents said, we have to live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in order to get rid of our fallen nature, not commit sin and evil and be straighten out. Only by doing this, can spiritual world be straightened out.

Members questioned many times, "Why did God, who is omniscient and omnipotent, make it this way? Why?" Up to now, there were no objects whom God could together work with. There were no objects that could attend God so that God could come down to this world of evil. God was all alone. He closed the front door and could not go outside. But because of who? True Parents! This is the age when because of True Parents, God opens his door wide open, travels freely from spiritual to earth with absolute good spirits and angels, and comes to our family.

Therefore, you should believe and know that God comes to your family by directly letting your ancestors who became absolute good spirits to precede beforehand, and you should make your family clean, and you should make effort to become a family that lives in joy and happiness.

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